Monday, July 24, 2006

The Romance Writer's Life - Installment Five

Ah, but I digress. . .

So as for the goals for 2006: I submitted my second novel to Harlequin Intrigue and received a very nice rejection letter. This novel I'd written geared toward category romantic suspense. Not to be daunted, I sent it out to fifteen literary agencies. Through one of my loops I heard about The Wild Rose Press, so I submitted my second novel to them as well.

I received back fourteen "Not for us" rejections from the literary agencies, and one "I'm interested in your project and would like to read more. Please send the first three chapters and give me 90 days, please." Woo hoo!

Then I opened my email and found a respons from The Wild Rose Press saying the editor was interested in reading the entire manuscript. Eeek. What to do?

I talked to several people on my loop to see how they felt about e-pubs. Shouldn't have done that. Received responses from many people who were very happy with their e-publishers and an equal number who stated they had friends who received such low returns that they would never consider it.

I decided to beg the editor from the Wild Rose Press to forgive me, but I wanted to take a chance on standard publishing for that novel, BUT that I had another I'd love to send her if she was still interested.

She was . . . wonder of wonders! I sent my query to her and she wanted to read the manuscript! Wow! So I completed my third 2006 goal by revisiting my first novel and revamping it. It is under contract with The Wild Rose Press and I'm awaiting word on the revisions from my editor.

Only one goal left: To write my third novel. I'm breaking rules here because I'm writing two novels. I'm not finding it hard at all. When I reach a "what now" place on one, I turn to the other and that seems to clear my mind. When I go back to it, my muse is with me. I'm in very good hopes that I will complete not just one, but possibly two more novels yet this year.

Ah, a breath here to pat myself on the back. I know, I know, the third isn't completed yet . . . but it will be!!!

More to come . . .

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