Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ann Cory's The Story Board Winners...

On Friday, The Wild Rose Press authors participated in an all day chat with members of Ann Cory's Story Board. We had a wonderful time getting to know more about each other and the other story board members.

During the evening I offered giveaways and the winners are:

Mary Rieves - winner of a download of TWISTED SPELL
Barbara Huff - winner of a download of TWISTED SPELL
Michelle Yakel - winner of a download of HIT AND RUN

Thanks to everyone for participating!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Writing Oneself Out of a Corner...

Welcome to my writer's mind on this blustery winter's night. The day began as any other Monday...hop out of bed, shower, dress and rush to work to clock in seven minutes late. Freeze my buns off in my cold office because only cold air blows from the vent above my desk. Stare at the clock and wonder how I'm going to finish the latest chapter in my current manuscript. Sigh.

Kristin has escaped her abusive ex-husband's house with her three year old son, Joshua. She's desperate to keep the boy safely out of his father's clutches. Driving toward an unknown destination, she flips on the radio and hears...

. “…body of the prominent attorney, Peter Courtland, was found by the housekeeper. The nanny, whose name has not yet been revealed, remains in critical condition in Memorial Hospital. Mr. Courtland’s son is believed to be with his ex-wife, Kristin Smith. Police are urging anyone with information on Ms. Smith’s whereabouts, to contact them immediately.”

Good stuff. Now I have her in a real dilemma, just the way she needs to be to create a page-turning novel. what? Okay, I like killing the bastard. He's mean and evil, and an attorney to boot. Satisfaction with a capital S. I even know who really killed him. But I haven't figured out why yet. Hmmm. Wheels turning. Maybe Peter owed him money. Nah. Peter is loaded. Money wouldn't be an issue. But Peter is a real scum-sucking bottom feeder (in the words of Grace Wilson, heroine in FOXFIRE).
What would cause someone to get so angry that they'd kill him in broad daylight?

(Back to reality). Boss walks in and asks me to book airline flights to bring his son home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sure thing! Log onto the internet and search out the best flights from Denver to Columbus. Two hours later confirm the flights and receive a big thank you.

(Back to my writing dilemma, and not feeling a bit guilty since I just spent two hours doing personal stuff for the President. What's a little mind tossing on my part going to hurt?) Okay, so Peter is dead. A man killed him and he had to have a good reason. Hmmm. What if Peter is involved in an illegal adoption ring? What if he failed to come through with a child? Oh! What if he planned to give his own son away? That would make a good twist. Nah. Peter's dead and Joshua is with his mom. Won't work. Aha! Peter is a renowned attorney, but his clientele are the big-money dilberts that can afford to pay the best to keep them out of jail. What if Peter screwed up and someone went to jail? Maybe a mobster's son or daughter. Wouldn't that make a man angry enough to kill? Might work.

(Back to reality) Director of Operations pops his head in to ask if I have a list of all personnel authorized to charge gasoline expenses. Explains a new program we are going to adopt. Give him info, smile and wave him on his way. Close door and get back to plotting.

Okay, last plot might work but will require a lot of layering to make it strong enough. Also, if Peter is such a hot attorney, losing a case would be major news and might easily pinpoint the real murderer. I've got it! Peter has been having an affair with one of his client's wives! The client has found out the truth and, being a less than upstanding citizen has no problem offing his attorney. No one would suspect him, for why would he kill the only man who can keep him out of jail? That might work.

(Back to reality) Pres pops his head in again. Hands me the signed expense reports and questions a Director's expense reasoning. Tell boss that I'll call and get the scoop. Wave him off. Go to the bathroom and soak my frozen fingers in a sinkful of hot water. Go back to office and lather hands with super moisterizer. Pop in a breath mint. Go back to plotting.

How will the murder affect Kristin? Will the cops let her keep Joshua? How will the murderer deal with Kristin since he believes she knows he was with Peter when she escaped with Joshua. Okay, Kristin saw a man pass her as she drove away from the mansion. She and the man made eye contact. He gave her a chill but she hasn't yet put together the argument she overheard with the man. If he becomes a suspect, he'll want to make sure Kristin doesn't tell. Yeah, that could make for some great suspense writing.

Oh, shucks, here comes the Pres again. Guess I better start plugging away at the pile of work on my desk. End of day...toss around some more ideas on the drive home. Check emails. Fix dinner. Clean kitchen. Head to office. Check emails. Update website. Open blog to do an entry...

Nine pm and not a single page written. Welcome to my world.

Free Download - The Winner is...


Congratulations to jennybrat, who won a free download of TWISTED SPELL! Send me an email at carolann@thewildrosepress with the format you'd like and I'll get your free download to you right away!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

One Day to Go...A Humorous Tale

Only one day to go! Tomorrow night at 7pm est I'll be drawing the name of the winner to the FREE download of "Twisted Spell". To enter the drawing, all you have to do is read my October 16th entry and post your answer!

And now, as promosed, a humorous tale...

On Thursday, my dh and I headed off for our annual Fall Camping Trip. Here in Ohio the Fall has been much colder than usual, so we knew it would be a "bundle up" adventure. We arrived on Thursday afternoon and by the time we were set up, we realized several important things we'd left behind...essential things...the remote control for the TV (gotta watch Survivor) and the coffee pot. So...we drove back home, picked up fast food for dinner, gulped it down in the warmth of our own kitchen and then drove back to the campsite...arriving 20 minutes into Survivor. No roaring campfire that night. Friday--still a bit brisk, but overall, not too bad. Saturday, same thing. Repeat of Friday. Nice fire, cooked brats over it, enjoyed the day playing some "corn hole" (a beanbag toss kind of game) and after dark a few games of "speed" rummy. News reports said it would rain Saturday night and a cold front was coming in. We decided to get up early, eat and break camp so we'd miss the bad weather. Sunday breakfast really fast...hurry to break camp. Fussed with the poles of the awning attached to the camper. Hubby climbs up the 4 ft. ladder to wrestle with the "bad word" things...the awning tips and dumps all the water collected on the top right down the front of his shirt and jeans. Ooooo, COLD!!! Back up the ladder, wrestle some more with the poles. Finally, success! We begin rolling it up toward the camper and realize we can't put it into the attached holder because the camper is still cranked up to full height. Hubby moves ladder and climbs up. His idea is that we'll put the rolled awning to the top of the camper and deal with it later. Great idea. He is stretching to put it up there and asks me to please steady the ladder. I turn and reach for the ladder at the exact smae time that...his pants fall down around his ankles!!!! Now I'm laughing so hard, hoping we won't get arrested and wishing I had my video camera! I pull his pants up, tears rolling down my cheeks while he climbs down and tightens his belt. Now, my dh doesn't just laugh. When he gets really tickled he giggles. And giggles. So, he's giggling, I'm belly laughing and finally I decided that God had made that happen. We were so frustrated and racing to beat the weather and God decided we needed to lighten the tension. We're home, unpacked and I'm still laughing. That's a sight that will remain behind my eyes forever...and probably find its way into a novel very soon!

Don't forget to enter the drawing! I'm sure you'll get a good laugh and a happy warm feeling when you read "Twisted Spell".

Til later...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Just Released Yesterday...

Halloween is fast approaching and I'm so excited to announce that TWISTED SPELL is now available at The Wild Rose Press. It's a sweet romance with two very opinionated characters...but sometimes opposites attract. If you love romance popping up where you least expect it, and a smile or two along the way, you'll probably love this story as much as I loved writing it. My husband gave it two thumbs up!
The contest for a free download of TWISTED SPELL is still open until Monday night, October 23. See my "Friday the 13th...And a New Contest" post on October 16th for the details!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Friday the 13th...and a New Contest

How does time pass so quickly? The whole weekend is gone and I haven't posted since last week. Let me tell you about my day on the most superstitious day of the year. The dreaded Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th started off to be a horrid day. My internet service was inoperative. I'd spent the previous evening troubleshooting and came to the conclusion that the modem had crashed...the second one in four years. I removed it and took it to work with me and called the cable company hoping I could return it, get a new one, and hook it up myself. No such luck. They had to schedule an appointment and come out because it just might be something other than the modem. Rats. The earliest appointment was on Monday afternoon, and I had a deadline to meet over the weekend! Totally unacceptable to a writer. I decided to leave at noon on Friday since I had already put in lots of overtime. Hubby called and told me that WOW cable trucks were outside and he asked them if they were troubleshooting. They I crossed my fingers and hoped I would arrive home and find my problem solved. Woo hoo! It worked. I hooked the modem back up and voila!

Then I downloaded my email and learned I had won first place in the Crimson Rose division for the first annual Wild Rose Press contest! My story will be included in an anthology which will be available in print after the first of the year. Then hubby and I went shopping for a new desk for my office. Found just what I wanted at Staples for $180.00. Since that was such a good bargain I decided to also get a flat screen monitor. They were on clearance. The one I wanted was not in stock, nor was the Sony which was $20 higher. So...the clerk offered me the display model Sony for 10% discount. I snatched it up. Then went to the cashier and the desk was also on clearance. I bought the desk and a 17" Sony flatscreen monitor for only $247 including tax!!!

Drove home all happy and found Amazon had delivered my book order. Woo hoo! No more worrying about Friday the 13th any more. Besides, for a woman born on Halloween, that should tell me not to be superstitious!

So I've decided to share my good luck with my readers. On my Author's page at The Wild Rose Press, you'll find the blurbs for my upcoming release, FOXFIRE. Find the answer to the question: "Tyler Sandford, DEA Agent, moves to Foxfire, Tennessee, in search of a killer. What is his cover to protect his true identity?" Just post the correct answer and I'll enter you in a drawing for a free download of my Halloween Story, TWISTED SPELL. Winning name will be drawn and posted here on the blog on Monday, October 23. Good luck!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I'm Holding My Book!!!

Now I know it's for real! I'm actually holding my book, HIT AND RUN, in my hands. I'm impressed with the printing and very excited about the numbers. My Pop Fiction friends all ordered on Monday, which drove my numbers on Amazon down from 3,000,000 to 10,000! I've been told anything under 100,000 is good. I've been watching for the past few days and my number has fluctuated from 12,000, 23,000, back to 11,000 and now is climbing at 45,000. Eeek. Sure wish I hadn't learned about the numbers. LOL!

I'm still very excited about having my book available in paperback format. I hope you all will consider buying HIT AND RUN. It might make a great present for the readers on your Christmas list (hint, hint).

Here's an excerpt which I hope will entice you to hop on over to and type in erhardt, hit and run. Setup:

Beth and Jilly are returning from a run through the park. As they approach the house, they see Jilly's husband, Keith, parked in the driveway.

"What do you want?" Jilly asked.

"I want to talk about these divorce papers." He pulled a packet from the car. "I'm not signing them. I want to come home. Honey, we can work things out, but not if you keep pushing me away."

"No, Keith. It's over."

"I'm sorry about the baby. I know you're upset, but I love you. I know you love me. In a few years, we can talk about having another baby. Please, just think about it."

"Sign the papers, Keith, and you'll be free," Jilly said.

He gave a bitter laugh. "But, I don't want to be free."

"It's over."

"Honey, it'll never be over. Don't you know that?" He reached his hand toward her.

Jilly backed away. "It was over the night you beat me and I lost our baby."

"What are you talking about? Beat you? Are you having a breakdown or something? How can you blame me for that? Come on, baby." He took her arm. "Let's kiss and make up."

"Leave her alone," Beth piped in.

Jilly jerked her arm free. "Beth, let me handle this."

Keith pointed at Beth. "You're the problem. Filling her head full of lies. You never wanted her to get married in the first place. You think she doesn't know you wanted me for yourself? Anyone could see you were jealous." He grabbed Jilly's arm. "But I chose Jily, and I'll never let her go."

Saturday, October 07, 2006

And the Winners Are...

Last night I joined Coffee Time Romance for a nice chat and sharing of excerpts. What a great bunch of readers and authors! I ran two contests during the two hours of my time, and the winners are:

Halloween Contest - Michelle Yakel

Michelle won a Halloween themed dishtowel and matching hot mit. Congratulations!

Color of Hero's Eyes Contest - Cathiecaffey

Cathie won a special "love themed" bookmark and a bar of Godiva Chocolate. Contratulations!!

I'm in Print!!!!

Hit and Run is now available on So for all of you who have waited for the print version, hop on over and pick up a copy! You can also order an autographed copy directly from my website. I'm so excited about this. It's almost like having a baby and waiting until it's born so you can hold it close to your heart. The good thing is it won't wake you in the middle of the night crying for a bottle. LOL!

My Halloween story is coming out soon. It's a fun story about Halloween, misconceptions, first impressions, and love. I really enjoyed writing this one, and I'm thinking of bringing the characters into a full length novel soon.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Book is in the Mail

Ah, what sweet words to hear from my publisher. The print version of my book is ready to go. It should be up on Amazon real soon. I'll keep you posted. I'll be filling the autographed pre-orders from my website soon, so if you haven't yet signed up, please hop over to my site and do so.

On Friday, October 6, The Wild Rose Press authors will be participating in an all day event with Coffee Time Romance. Please join me from 8pm - 10pm EST along with Wild Rose Author, Christine Columbus. I'll be sharing some excerpts, answering any questions, and giving away some prizes. Stop by and say hello. I'd love to hear from you. Many other authors will be available to answer questions and they will share their excerpts throughout the day. Come and meet us and have some fun!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Woo Hoo - Happy Dance Time!!!

I am so excited. I just heard from my publisher that my novel, FOXFIRE, is going to be published!! This is my favorite novel. I fell in love with the characters in this one, and I hated to end the book. Usually the first novel is our "baby", and that was HIT AND RUN. However, FOXFIRE is my "baby". I can't wait to see this one in publication.

Gotta run...I'm too excited to type.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Welcome to My Crazy Life

I think I'm living in a situation comedy. You every watch the Simpsons? I only watched them one time and decided it was too far out for me. However, that episode I did see a character called "The Crazy Cat Lady". One of my co-workers keeps sending me clips through email. Why? Because I am the crazy cat lady! If you haven't read one of my older posts, we have a feral cat colony living in our back yard (and we live in a residential subdivision). We felt sorry for them and began feeding them and they had several litters of babies in our woodpile under the deck. Okay, so I searched and found an organization who helped us get them all neutered/spayed. Whew! No more babies anyway. The black cat is "Boo". The cream colored one is marked just like a "ragdoll" and she has blue eyes. Her name is "Mittens". The black and white one is a male, "Oreo".

Okay, now if that is crazy enough, my hubby has been acting "very strange" lately. I'm really worried about him but this is kind of funny. Tonight he received his license plate stickers and he was in the kitchen trying to decide if he should wait until tomorrow to put them on (his birthday and they expire tomorrow) or go ahead and do it now. Well, why not do it now? You know "never put off til tomorrow what you can do today." He heads outside and the telephone rings. I answer. It's our son. He wants to talk to Dad. I walk outside to the driveway and through the gate and hand him the phone. Then I look down and see...something wet and bubbly on the driveway. Hmmm. What is this? I keep staring and it keeps running and finally it dawns on me. I ask him if he "took a leak". He nods. I, staring open-mouthed, can't believe what I'm hearing or seeing. "Well, I had to go," he said.

Today I had to sit through a "drug free workplace" meeting. Mind you, two years ago, I had to take the "train the trainer" drug free training, the supervisor drug-free training, and the employee drug-free training. Now why do I have to take this over again? And we had a lot of warehouse workers and drivers in this session. Funny, how one man kept naming ingredients for Meth, the issues of working with drug users, the effects of specific drugs and alcohol, and then when the trainer talked about the random drug tests we have to take, this person asks, "Why do I have to keep taking them all the time? I'm always the one who has to go. I think they are picking on me." At that time the guy sitting next to me and I both lost it. I laughed so hard I had a coughing fit and had to leave the room!

Now I'm probably burning dinner while writing this blog entry...

And here is my horoscope for the day: Some zany ideas will put you in a tailspin. Your first instinct may be to pass on these kooky brainstorms, but hold on. Write everything down and save it for later. A lot of this may come in handy pretty soon.

Egads, welcome to my crazy life!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

New Socks and a New Contract - It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

I stole this picture from my daughter's blog. She is a very skilled knitter. Last year she made me a pair of socks and I loved them so much I wore a hole in the toe. I didn't want to tell her, but finally I broke down and let her know. Would you believe she was able to reknit that toe back together in the same pattern and you can't even tell! She uses like four needles to make these socks (I think it's an addiction). Please check out her blog to see all the other beautiful things she's made or is in progress. Anyway yesterday she called and asked me to meet her for lunch. She gave me this pair of socks. Aren't they gorgeous! And these socks are so warm. They are really soft wool of some kind.

And, woo hoo, I received a contract from The Wild Rose Press for my Halloween Story, "Twisted Spell". It's a Sweetheart Rosette (aka short story) and will only be available as an e-book download. I had so much fun with this one. I love Halloween. It's my birthday! So naturally I had to step up to the plate and pen this little fun sweet romance. Here's a little teaser:


Dora is a preschool teacher who has a nasty neighbor she wishes she could cast an evil spell over. On Halloween she points a finger at him and mutters a meaningless string of words. When he runs away, frightened by her witch's costume and supposed spell, she figures it serves him right for being so grouchy.

But when she returns home to find him injured, she is amazed to find how handsome he is when he's not yelling at her. Will she be able to resist the spell he seems to be casting on her?


Dora was half-way through her sewing project when a terrible ruckus erupted outdoors. First came Boo’s loud screech, followed by a yelping dog. She ran out the back door at the same time her neighbor exited his. He began screaming at Boo. Boo jumped the fence and scurried through the kitty door to safety.

Then Mr. Grinch glared at her. “Keep that blasted cat out of my yard!” He pointed a finger at her. “Or else!”

She placed her hands on her hips. “Or else, what?” She stuck out her chin.

His face turned the color of her late blooming red roses. “Lady, what kind of nut case are you?”

“I’m a witch.” She narrowed her eyes and pointed back at him. “And you’d better not hurt my cat. Or else.” She left him sputtering a string of obscenities and went inside to check on Boo, who was calmly grooming himself in his favorite spot on the sofa.

The next morning Dora hurried out the door in full witch attire, complete with a pointed hat. Heading for her carport, she watched Boo leap onto the fence separating her yard from her grouchy neighbor’s. Then she saw that horrid man pointing a super-soaker water gun at her cat. “Hey!” Dora yelled, marching toward the fence.

Mr. Grinch stopped. His eyes widened and something akin to fear darkened his gaze.
Unable to resist, she pointed a finger and muttered, “Eye of newt, and spider legs…”

Her neighbor ran inside the house, slamming the door behind him.