Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ever Have One of Those Days?

Ack! Today was one of those days at work when the clock kept ticking slower and slower. Ever had one of those days? I tried to keep my eyes off the clock, off my watch, off my computer with the time showing at the bottom--but it just didn't work. I should have stayed in bed this morning like I wanted to.

To top it off, everyone seemed to be extremely LOUD. All the men whose offices are along my hallway were using their speaker phones at TOP VOLUME. I mean, come on! Then there were those spontaneous hallway meetings RIGHT OUTSIDE MY DOOR!!! Okay, so I finally got up and closed my door. That helped, but then I felt like I was marooned on a desert island. No one to see, no one to distract me.

You know, some days I'm hard to please. **grin**

I'm busy reading the galleys of my novel now, and will get back to it right after dinner. Yep, that's another thing. Why should I work all day, while my husband has the day off, and I get to come home and fix dinner?

Well, I'm still fleshing out the details for the character naming contest, so I've decided to delay it until the November time frame. Just in time for the Holidays!


Details of all contests can be found on my website.

'K, I've got to go tend to dinner now before I starve.

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Tempest Knight said...

*lol* Oh, I know how it's to have one of those days. I've been "one of those days" every day of this week. At least tomorrow will be better. I only have to work in the morning since they're letting us out after midday due to some new thing they need to do at the computers.