Thursday, September 21, 2006

Do You Understand E-Books? Do you Like Contests?

What do you know about e-books? There is a divided audience between those who like to hold a book in their hand and those who enjoy reading on the computer screen (or a PDA device). Most people who say they prefer holding a book haven't ever tried an e-book. I like both e-books and print books. I like to take a print book to bed and read it to help me fall asleep. I also like e-books. I have an old Palm Vx which I've used to read many different books. It's lightweight and very compact (the size of a man's wallet). I carry it in my purse when I'm traveling or to work. I store the e-books on my computer. The problem with that is the screen is very small.

I decided recently to try downloading a free reader device and purchased several e-books that are formatted for it. I use MobiPocket. The advantage of this is that I can read these from my computer screen--much larger print than a paperback or PDA device. It's fun! I have a virtual bookshelf that shows all the books I've purchased. With the click of my mouse I can choose a book to read. When I'm finished reading, I click my mouse to "bookmark" the page. It's so cute. One corner of the page folds down, and I don't have to feel guilty about doing it! When I'm ready to read that book again, it opens right to the page where I left off, just as if I had placed a bookmarker in a "print" version. Now I have the best of all reading worlds!

Why don't you give it a try? E-books are fun, easy, and very economical. What do you have to lose by giving it a try? There are tons of e-books available through many different internet bookstores, but my favorite place to shop is The Wild Rose Press Bookstore.

To entice you to try an e-book, I'm giving away a very special gift on my birthday-- Halloween, October 31st. You could be a winner if you qualify by reading Hit and Run and answering the question: Where does Ryan propose to Beth?

Download a copy of Hit and Run now. so you can enter the contest before October 31st.

You can find out more about the prize (hint: it's a necklace) and submit your contest entry form at my website.

My horoscope for today: The stars get practical on you, especially when it comes to your health. Is it any wonder you feel lousy if you're drinking too much caffeine, not sleeping enough and eating too much fast food? Straighten up and fly right.


Emma_Sanders said...

Ooh, a Halloween birthday! I admit that not too long ago, I'd never read an ebook. Now I have a dozen or so on my computer. I love the convenience and the fact I can pack it in my (already large) purse and it takes up less room. Waiting at a doctor's appt. for example, is a perfect time. Plus, it's easier to hide what you're doing at work, LOL.

Unfortunately for me, I don't have a good reader just yet. I have a HP Pocket PC but the screen is too small and I have to scroll every line. So I haven't read all those ebooks yet, but I do have my eye on either an ebook reader or a Journada, something with a bigger screen. And your book is in downloaded in my computer file, waiting for me! ;)

Marty said...

I'm also slow getting on the e-book bandwagon, but I can see it coming, especially with the next generation. As a teacher, I see e-textbooks coming down the pike. You know the saying--if you're not the lead dog, the view's terrible. It's a reality, so give it a try!

Carol Ann Erhardt said...

Hi Emma! I'm glad you mentioned reading an ebook in a doctor's office. I do that, too!

Hi Marty! How true about e-textbooks. Especially with so many now home schooling. I finally got on the band wagon and I'm glad I did!

Stacy Dawn said...

A Halloween Birthday, how cool!

I still prefer print books but do enjoy the e-books now. I think it would be an even contest if I had a little palm piloty thing to read them wherever I want though.