Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Planets are Aligning

I've always been intrigued by things mystical, magical, and mysterious. I'm a natural born detective. I believe in psychic ability. I'm enthralled with beginnings and endings, and I'm filled with curiousity. I have a keen sense of intuition. I work hard for the things I want and do not believe in giving up. Some may see me as secretive and elusive, but I'm very loyal. At times I may coil in upon myself to regenerate. I'm passionate about all things and people in my life.

Who am I? I'm a scorpio, and I'm a writer.

My horoscope for the day:

Someone in a position that counts could help you make your dreams come true. Go out of your way to convey the depth of your planning and the passion behind your ideas, and this person is sure to get on board.


MarlyMathews said...

I too believe in intuition and I'm fascinated by things that are mystical, magical and mysterious. :) Only good things, mind you. :)

I hope your horoscope comes true...I'm a Gemini, and I haven't checked my horoscope in ages. LOL


Carol Ann Erhardt said...

I think writers must all have a belief in the mystical, magical, mysterious good things in life! Especially romance writers. Thanks for commenting Marly!