Monday, October 16, 2006

Friday the 13th...and a New Contest

How does time pass so quickly? The whole weekend is gone and I haven't posted since last week. Let me tell you about my day on the most superstitious day of the year. The dreaded Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th started off to be a horrid day. My internet service was inoperative. I'd spent the previous evening troubleshooting and came to the conclusion that the modem had crashed...the second one in four years. I removed it and took it to work with me and called the cable company hoping I could return it, get a new one, and hook it up myself. No such luck. They had to schedule an appointment and come out because it just might be something other than the modem. Rats. The earliest appointment was on Monday afternoon, and I had a deadline to meet over the weekend! Totally unacceptable to a writer. I decided to leave at noon on Friday since I had already put in lots of overtime. Hubby called and told me that WOW cable trucks were outside and he asked them if they were troubleshooting. They I crossed my fingers and hoped I would arrive home and find my problem solved. Woo hoo! It worked. I hooked the modem back up and voila!

Then I downloaded my email and learned I had won first place in the Crimson Rose division for the first annual Wild Rose Press contest! My story will be included in an anthology which will be available in print after the first of the year. Then hubby and I went shopping for a new desk for my office. Found just what I wanted at Staples for $180.00. Since that was such a good bargain I decided to also get a flat screen monitor. They were on clearance. The one I wanted was not in stock, nor was the Sony which was $20 higher. So...the clerk offered me the display model Sony for 10% discount. I snatched it up. Then went to the cashier and the desk was also on clearance. I bought the desk and a 17" Sony flatscreen monitor for only $247 including tax!!!

Drove home all happy and found Amazon had delivered my book order. Woo hoo! No more worrying about Friday the 13th any more. Besides, for a woman born on Halloween, that should tell me not to be superstitious!

So I've decided to share my good luck with my readers. On my Author's page at The Wild Rose Press, you'll find the blurbs for my upcoming release, FOXFIRE. Find the answer to the question: "Tyler Sandford, DEA Agent, moves to Foxfire, Tennessee, in search of a killer. What is his cover to protect his true identity?" Just post the correct answer and I'll enter you in a drawing for a free download of my Halloween Story, TWISTED SPELL. Winning name will be drawn and posted here on the blog on Monday, October 23. Good luck!


Michelle Yakel said...

Tyler is posing as a veterinarian - he can take care of me, I mean, my dog anytime. LOL!!

Michelle Y.

Susan said...

He is a licensed vet

Tehya said...

a licensed veterinarian

jennybrat said...

Hi Carol, what a great bargain you got!
A licensed veterinarian.

JUDY said...


he is covering as a veterinarian.

Ali said...

Tyler's cover is as a licensed veterinarian.