Monday, October 02, 2006

Welcome to My Crazy Life

I think I'm living in a situation comedy. You every watch the Simpsons? I only watched them one time and decided it was too far out for me. However, that episode I did see a character called "The Crazy Cat Lady". One of my co-workers keeps sending me clips through email. Why? Because I am the crazy cat lady! If you haven't read one of my older posts, we have a feral cat colony living in our back yard (and we live in a residential subdivision). We felt sorry for them and began feeding them and they had several litters of babies in our woodpile under the deck. Okay, so I searched and found an organization who helped us get them all neutered/spayed. Whew! No more babies anyway. The black cat is "Boo". The cream colored one is marked just like a "ragdoll" and she has blue eyes. Her name is "Mittens". The black and white one is a male, "Oreo".

Okay, now if that is crazy enough, my hubby has been acting "very strange" lately. I'm really worried about him but this is kind of funny. Tonight he received his license plate stickers and he was in the kitchen trying to decide if he should wait until tomorrow to put them on (his birthday and they expire tomorrow) or go ahead and do it now. Well, why not do it now? You know "never put off til tomorrow what you can do today." He heads outside and the telephone rings. I answer. It's our son. He wants to talk to Dad. I walk outside to the driveway and through the gate and hand him the phone. Then I look down and see...something wet and bubbly on the driveway. Hmmm. What is this? I keep staring and it keeps running and finally it dawns on me. I ask him if he "took a leak". He nods. I, staring open-mouthed, can't believe what I'm hearing or seeing. "Well, I had to go," he said.

Today I had to sit through a "drug free workplace" meeting. Mind you, two years ago, I had to take the "train the trainer" drug free training, the supervisor drug-free training, and the employee drug-free training. Now why do I have to take this over again? And we had a lot of warehouse workers and drivers in this session. Funny, how one man kept naming ingredients for Meth, the issues of working with drug users, the effects of specific drugs and alcohol, and then when the trainer talked about the random drug tests we have to take, this person asks, "Why do I have to keep taking them all the time? I'm always the one who has to go. I think they are picking on me." At that time the guy sitting next to me and I both lost it. I laughed so hard I had a coughing fit and had to leave the room!

Now I'm probably burning dinner while writing this blog entry...

And here is my horoscope for the day: Some zany ideas will put you in a tailspin. Your first instinct may be to pass on these kooky brainstorms, but hold on. Write everything down and save it for later. A lot of this may come in handy pretty soon.

Egads, welcome to my crazy life!!

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Marty said...

Wow! I feel saner already :)