Monday, October 23, 2006

Writing Oneself Out of a Corner...

Welcome to my writer's mind on this blustery winter's night. The day began as any other Monday...hop out of bed, shower, dress and rush to work to clock in seven minutes late. Freeze my buns off in my cold office because only cold air blows from the vent above my desk. Stare at the clock and wonder how I'm going to finish the latest chapter in my current manuscript. Sigh.

Kristin has escaped her abusive ex-husband's house with her three year old son, Joshua. She's desperate to keep the boy safely out of his father's clutches. Driving toward an unknown destination, she flips on the radio and hears...

. “…body of the prominent attorney, Peter Courtland, was found by the housekeeper. The nanny, whose name has not yet been revealed, remains in critical condition in Memorial Hospital. Mr. Courtland’s son is believed to be with his ex-wife, Kristin Smith. Police are urging anyone with information on Ms. Smith’s whereabouts, to contact them immediately.”

Good stuff. Now I have her in a real dilemma, just the way she needs to be to create a page-turning novel. what? Okay, I like killing the bastard. He's mean and evil, and an attorney to boot. Satisfaction with a capital S. I even know who really killed him. But I haven't figured out why yet. Hmmm. Wheels turning. Maybe Peter owed him money. Nah. Peter is loaded. Money wouldn't be an issue. But Peter is a real scum-sucking bottom feeder (in the words of Grace Wilson, heroine in FOXFIRE).
What would cause someone to get so angry that they'd kill him in broad daylight?

(Back to reality). Boss walks in and asks me to book airline flights to bring his son home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sure thing! Log onto the internet and search out the best flights from Denver to Columbus. Two hours later confirm the flights and receive a big thank you.

(Back to my writing dilemma, and not feeling a bit guilty since I just spent two hours doing personal stuff for the President. What's a little mind tossing on my part going to hurt?) Okay, so Peter is dead. A man killed him and he had to have a good reason. Hmmm. What if Peter is involved in an illegal adoption ring? What if he failed to come through with a child? Oh! What if he planned to give his own son away? That would make a good twist. Nah. Peter's dead and Joshua is with his mom. Won't work. Aha! Peter is a renowned attorney, but his clientele are the big-money dilberts that can afford to pay the best to keep them out of jail. What if Peter screwed up and someone went to jail? Maybe a mobster's son or daughter. Wouldn't that make a man angry enough to kill? Might work.

(Back to reality) Director of Operations pops his head in to ask if I have a list of all personnel authorized to charge gasoline expenses. Explains a new program we are going to adopt. Give him info, smile and wave him on his way. Close door and get back to plotting.

Okay, last plot might work but will require a lot of layering to make it strong enough. Also, if Peter is such a hot attorney, losing a case would be major news and might easily pinpoint the real murderer. I've got it! Peter has been having an affair with one of his client's wives! The client has found out the truth and, being a less than upstanding citizen has no problem offing his attorney. No one would suspect him, for why would he kill the only man who can keep him out of jail? That might work.

(Back to reality) Pres pops his head in again. Hands me the signed expense reports and questions a Director's expense reasoning. Tell boss that I'll call and get the scoop. Wave him off. Go to the bathroom and soak my frozen fingers in a sinkful of hot water. Go back to office and lather hands with super moisterizer. Pop in a breath mint. Go back to plotting.

How will the murder affect Kristin? Will the cops let her keep Joshua? How will the murderer deal with Kristin since he believes she knows he was with Peter when she escaped with Joshua. Okay, Kristin saw a man pass her as she drove away from the mansion. She and the man made eye contact. He gave her a chill but she hasn't yet put together the argument she overheard with the man. If he becomes a suspect, he'll want to make sure Kristin doesn't tell. Yeah, that could make for some great suspense writing.

Oh, shucks, here comes the Pres again. Guess I better start plugging away at the pile of work on my desk. End of day...toss around some more ideas on the drive home. Check emails. Fix dinner. Clean kitchen. Head to office. Check emails. Update website. Open blog to do an entry...

Nine pm and not a single page written. Welcome to my world.

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