Friday, December 15, 2006


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Today I finished reading the galleys for FOXFIRE and sent them back to my publisher. I'm so excited about how well everything is coming together for this release. The cover is awesome.

Would you like a little excerpt? The following scene is taking place on Tyler's deck above the animal clinic. Grace and Tyler have finished dinner and as the sun drops below the horizon they are viewing the scenery--

Grace mirrored Tyler's stance, leaning over the railing. "Did you know that sometimes you can see foxfire glowing along the ground?"
"I thought that was a legend. It's true then? Have you ever seen it?"
She nodded. "It's beautiful and haunting at the same time." His shoulder brushed hers. A shiver crawled up her spine.
He draped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer. "Are you cold? Do you want to go inside for a while?"
His hand caressed her arm. Goosebumps arose that had nothing at all to do with being chilled.
"I'm not cold. I love being outside. We have one thing in common. I moved here for the mountain scenery and serenity, too."
He turned her to face him. "And we both love animals. We seem to have a lot in common." His thumbs caressed her cheeks.
Her heart tripped faster. His nostrils did that little flare thing again, which she found totally sensuous. "That's true." Her voice came out an octave higher than usual. She cleared her throat.
He lifted her and sat her on the railing facing him. She placed her hands on his shoulders for balance. Her whole body felt as if it were melting. Like the witch in The Wizard of Oz, soon she'd be nothing but a puddle at his feet.
"So when do we see this foxfire?" he asked.
Small talk, she told herself. Focus on the small talk, not on his face. Not on the way the torches add highlights to his dark hair. Not on the fact that his arms surrounded her, resting on either side of her hips.
"Only when the moon is full and the night is bright."
"Ah, unlike tonight." He gazed up at the sky where clouds hid most of the stars.
She stared at the expanse of his neck and the dark hairs that had escaped the neckline of his shirt. "Too overcast," she said.
He lowered his head and stared at her. Not just stared but stared. The message in his eyes tapped on her heart.

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Scarlett Sanderson said...

*settles down and waits for some more*


Is this going to be in print? Or e -format? Any sign of a release date yet? Do I sound overly anxious? LOL

Wonderful excerpt, Carol!