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Author Interview with KyAnn Waters

Good morning, readers! So happy to see you here in the blog studio with us. I'm so happy to introduce my good friend, and fellow author, KyAnn Waters. KyAnn, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to the studio and chat with me. I'm delighted to see you here.

(KyAnn and Carol Ann hug and whisper excitedly. Laugh!)

CAROL ANN: All right. Have a seat and let's get started. First of all, I'm sure my readers would love to hear all about how the name KyAnn Waters came to be. Readers, you won't believe this!

KYANN: **LAUGH** When I decided to take on a pen name for my erotic novels I had no idea what to call myself. I wanted something that reflected the flavor of my stories. Are you ready… the name came from… the spice rack. Cayenne Pepper morphed into KyAnn and then Waters just seemed to be a fun way to play with the spicy name. And then from there my girlfriends and I laughed at all the ways it fit into my writing persona. Like who needs KY Jelly when you have KYAnn Waters. I’ve always written hot, but never ventured into erotica until recently. Now that I’ve had a taste I’ve become gluttonous.
All of my completed erotic titles are sold to Triskelion Publishing. Releases are – The Cougar and the Best Man Feb. 15th! Delicious Darkness (Eternally, Yours Anthology) May 07, Johnny Loves Krissy May 07, Trick or Treat (Baby Haunt Me One More Time Anthology) Halloween 07

CAROL ANN: Okay, so now we know you have a pen name for erotic, which means that you also write on the "sweeter" side of romance as well. Um, well, as sweet as you can be. **grin** How much time is spent on each genre? Do you work on only one manuscript at a time?

KYANN: ? LOL I don’t think any of my stories are necessarily sweet. And anything by KyAnn is going to be kinky.
Yep, I only write one story at a time. But that doesn’t mean the others are put to bed. Currently I’m working on a complete rewrite of a historical. Just finished up edits on two projects, and expect edits on another any day from the editor. I enjoy writing short more than full length novels. But I do recognize the need for both. So I complete a few novellas between each full length book. In 2006, I completed 3 novellas (2 erotic) and 1 full length erotic story.

CAROL ANN: Busy lady! What do you do for fun when you aren't writing. I assume there are a few opportunities to stray from the keyboard, right?

KYANN: **wink** Play with my kids, go to coffee with my girlfriends, oh God, I’m going to out myself. I watch reruns of Little House on the Prairie.

CAROL ANN: No way! **laugh** (Carol Ann hands KyAnn a bottle of water). Here that calls for a drink. **wink** (Carol Ann takes a swig of water). Okay. Now. People want to know. You've got quite a few contracts under your belt...or should I say carved on your bedpost? **giggle** How many books did you write before receiving your first contract?

KYANN: It has been an incredible year. In January 2006 I had a heart to heart with my husband about what I wanted to do with my writing because up until that time I’d simply wrote for pleasure. 13 years ago I wrote my first book. It’s a monster with famine, flood, and fire— basically an apocalypse with a happily ever after. Think dramatic Danielle Steel. (I hope you see the humor in that.) Back to the story, so in January I decided I would put all my effort into getting published. I went to my first writer’s conference in February where I pitched for the first time. In March, I had requests for full reads from two agents and two editors. In April I signed an agent for a Mystery/suspense. And then in May I signed my first contract for a Historical to Champagne Books, Marion’s Train.

CAROL ANN: That's a wonderful year indeed. Kind of a fairytale come true. So what kind of a writer are you technically? A plotter or a pantster? **giggle no pun intended**

KYANN: **laughs hysterically, takes a deep breath** Seriously, I can’t write a word until I know the story from beginning to end. I need to feel like the characters are my friends. I have numerous conversations with them usually over several weeks. I carry around a notebook and jot down ideas. And that may sound like plotting…okay so it is, but I consider myself a panster because I don’t know how my characters are going to react to the obstacles I put in front of them. I love pithy dialog that vibrates with sexual innuendo and kinky humor. My characters have to be witty. I also love a fast-paced read so that’s what I write.

CAROL ANN: I like to ask all my authors, since most of them write romance, how do you describe romance?

KYANN: Romance is the journey of falling in love. Whether erotic or traditional, we all want to feel new love’s emergence.

CAROL ANN: Great answer. I love that..."feel new love's emergence". **sigh** Romance always has heroes. And in real life, we all have those people we look to as heroes. Who do you see as a hero in your life?

KYANN: Not a hero in the typical definition. I am grateful to my husband every minute of every day for providing a life that allows me to follow my dreams. I’ll give you an example of how incredibly considerate he is. My children go to school all day and yet if I’m in a scene I don’t want to break from, after school he’ll take them to the movies and out to eat to give those extra hours to wrap up.(He’s seen Arthur and the Invisibles twice this week.) He never complains about the house and as long as there is peanut butter and bread, he doesn’t complain if I haven’t made it to the grocery store.
There’s more. He does research for me and if it happens to be of a sexual nature and he happens to come across some unusual naughty pictures, he saves them in a folder for me. Most of the time he rolls his eyes when I tell him what I’m up to, but always with a smile. However, I can’t ask him to help me plot or I end up with dark, demented subplots better suited for Law and Order- Criminal Intent. (As he cocks his head to the side and asks, “Are you going to eat that?” in his best VINCENT D'ONOFRIO voice.)

CAROL ANN: **laugh** Sounds like you are one lucky woman. Not all of us have such supportive husbands or partners. Mine lots of times feels very neglected and pouts. Then I get down and feel guilty. If you get down, who can make your laugh and lift your spirits?

KYANN: Monty Python, Mr. Bean, Phil Hendry, Dave Chappell. I love to laugh. I usually see friends just about every day, so I seldom get depressed. I come from a large blended family. (The blending has happened a few times over) With 10 siblings, most of us married with children and living within a 20 mile radius. Needless to say there is always plenty of comfort around.

CAROL ANN: You do have a wonderful support system! But, how does your family feel about you writing erotic romance?

KYANN: Hmmm. That’s debatable. I know that they’re proud that I’m a writer. But truthfully Secret Surrender is probably the only book they can all read. My mom and a couple of my sisters could handle Marion’s Train and Crashed. As for the erotica, only one sister would publicly acknowledge her love of the naughty stuff. Thanks Krissy. Yep, I named a character after her. (Johnny Loves Krissy) My Mom would read my erotica if I asked her to, but I won’t. I don’t think she wants to know what goes on in her daughter’s head. And knowing my mom, she’d assume if I wrote I could do it. Which isn’t true, well mostly isn’t true. **big grin**

CAROL ANN: Now for some really serious questions. First, what is your favorite color?

KYANN: Color is an interesting concept for me. I believe in using the color energy of Chakras in my writing. When I need to write a sex scene, I’ll do a short meditation and open the root charka. The same way I’ll open the throat Chakra when I want to focus on dialog. There are 7 energy points, Chakras, in the human body. Each one with color and properties. If you want to find out more about Chakras go to
In Delicious Darkness, an erotic paranormal, I use the powers of the Chakras to combat dark forces.

CAROL ANN: Since I'm a Scorpio, I love to look at things like this. I recently read another book which dealt with Chakras. Interesting. Thanks for the link. Okay, another serious question. Which do you prefer? Broccoli and Cheese or a Big Juicy Cheeseburger?

KYANN: Oh Juicy Cheeseburger. Have you seen the commercial for the new one at Carl’s Jr.?They’ve combined my two favorite sandwiches. Philly Steak and a Cheeseburger. Hat’s off to Carl. He is a genius. **grin** Now I have to go get one. (I’m trying to be good and eat at home. So hard with Carl up the street.)

CAROL ANN: Hey, maybe we can go have lunch when the interview is done. I've never been to Carl's Jr. My treat.

KYANN: Cool!

CAROL ANN: Done! Okay, just a few more questions before I let you off the hot seat. Again, no pun intended. **laugh** What type of clothing do you wear when you write?

KYANN: Comfy pants I’d never wear in public and large, short sleeved, button down dress shirts. I have a slipper fetish. You can’t walk into a room in my house and not see at least one pair of my slippers. Today I’m wearing my furry lime green slip-ons, but glancing around my workstation I can see my soft pink ones, and my dark green, hard soled slippers I can wear if I go outside for something. I usually buy slippers to match my silky PJs. Yep, I’m a Victoria Secret girl. Love their silky jammies.

CAROL ANN: A slipper fettish! Somehow that one surprised me. But a Victoria's Secret girl. Yep, that one I would have guessed. **grin** Do you collect anything? If so, tell me about your collection...but remember, keep it clean!

KYANN: **LAUGH** I rarely talk about my collections because once people know, it’s all they ever give you and then the collection ceases to have meaning. But I’ll share one with you. I love lighthouses. And this is the collection that I don’t buy anything for myself. I have a beautiful framed print in my front room that looks fabulous against my purple walls. Now, the walls are very light lavender, but you can’t convince my husband. He wasn’t with me when I picked the paint. **big laugh**

CAROL ANN: That's interesting. My sister-in-law also collects lighthouses. I know what you mean about collections though. I collect music boxes, but now I have so many that I have to tell everyone, "Don't buy me any more!" It's kind of like bunnies, they just keep multiplying, you know? Okay, one more off the wall question. If you had the opportunity to address the world via satellite, what would you say?

KYANN: I wouldn’t address anything religious or political; I’d simply tell people to relax. Why stress over what you can’t change.

CAROL ANN: Great philosophy. Too many people stress over things that are out of their control and I never quite understood that. There are so many things to be positive about and to focus good energy elsewhere. Do you have a favorite quote?

KYANN: Oh yes! Several. These are my two favorites.

"The only way to write is well and how you do it is your own damn business." --A.J. Liebling
No truer words were ever spoken. And

"I write for the same reason I breathe - because if I didn't, I would die."Isaac Asimov

CAROL ANN: Love them! Do you believe the pen is mightier than the sword? Why or why not?
KYANN: I think wounds inflicted by words, whether by the pen or spoken take longer to heal. They can fester and eat at the soul. I have the beautiful words of the Desiderata by Max Ehmann hanging by my work station. Here is the link if you’d like to read it.

CAROL ANN: Thanks for sharing so much with us today, KyAnn. I've had so much fun chatting with you and from the sound of the applause, it sounds as if the audience enjoyed it as well. Before we head out for lunch, tell us what you are currently working on.

KYANN: Something naughty. LOL. Meg Snow has booked herself on a singles cruise. Imagine her surprise to discover it is a geriatric clientele. What’s a girl to do but get off the ship and spend her vacation in Jamaica.

CAROL ANN: Now that sounds like a lot of fun. You come up with some great ideas for stories. I'm in awe. Readers here are the links where you can learn more about KyAnn and her writing. where there is a link to KyAnn Waters. You can also find her at My Space, Yahoo 360, and yahoo groups. Links are on the websites.


Lee Morrison said...

Great interview!

Lol on Kyann/Cayenne!

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Wonderful interview, KyAnn!

Very interesting to see how you came up with your name lol

I have a slipper fetish too. ;)

Adelle said...

Fabulous interview ladies. I love that you use chakras and I love your husband LOL oops did I say that out loud? Smiles

mary said...

Great interview, makes me really want to read your work. Good Luck with everything,

Terry said...

Great interview. Thanks to Carol Ann for hosting this. I like the 'plot the next chapter' idea for the end of the day. I find it's much easier to get back to work if I've stopped someplace where I know what's going to happen next. I still remember the time I quit just as the hero's cell phone rang. I had NO CLUE who was going to be on the other end when he answered. My CP brainstormed it with me, and she had a better idea than I did.


Anonymous said...

Hey KyAnn,

Great interview!


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What a great interview. Love KyAnn, though I've only read her less kinky stuff she's always fun and exciting.