Sunday, January 07, 2007

Reflections - Sunday January 8

Looking back over the week, it's been a roller coaster of ups and downs. First a feeling of euphoria when I was accomplishing all my daily goals, then a sense of failure when sickness dropped me to accomplishing only one or two over the weekend. Also, I've found that I seem to procrastinate the most when it comes to writing my manuscript. I found myself going through the list and accomplishing all the easy goals first and leaving the writing until LAST!! Well, writing is the hardest because I have to "be in the mood" to write something good. But, if I just open that page where I left off and get started, I'm always in the mood and I'm usually please with what I manage to create. At least I've learned something about myself in setting these goals. Now, if I can just put that to use and make sure I do the writing first...

Of course, I know the reason I don't. Once I start writing, everything else gets shoved aside. I write and write and don't want to stop.

Hmmm, how to come up with a perfect solution? Guess I'll have to do some more reflecting to come up with the answer.

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