Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Writer's Office - Oh Me! Oh, My!

Ever wonder what a writer's office looks like? I used to envision the writer's office with bookshelves, a gorgeous desk, state of the art computer, scanner, printer, comfortable leather chair, mood music, subtle shades of rich color and a huge window to view the world while the creative juices flowed and the words sang across the monitor. Perhaps, this euphoria exists somewhere, with some lucky author...but not with me.

First, I don't have the luxury of staying home all day and writing full-time. Maybe someday, but for now I must work the dreaded day job to stay alive. But I try to create my writer's office. In 2006, after receiving my first full-length novel publishing contract, I decided to revamp my "office" to meet my dream vision. Oh, I had already painted the walls several years ago a nice shade called twilight, a very light lavendar gray, placed a border around the top in burgundy, with a victorian lace and flower design in shades of navy and mauve. The berber carpet in shades of gray blue with flecks of navy and burgundy is the perfect compliment. I purchased a new desk and a flat screen monitor, placed it in front of the two windows and added burgundy drapes, which keep out the bright sun which bakes through the windows in the late afternoon, and the bitter cold in the winter months. So much for looking out over the scenery. Alas, the office is on the upper floor, so all I might see from my chair, which isn't leather, but a burgundy cloth, are the tops of the trees. The bookshelves are overflowing with craft books, and some of the latest novels I've been reading. One top shelf has six stuffed animals given to me over the years by my DH. The other top shelf has Elvis memorabilia given to me over the years by my loving children. I have a 13 inch TV and several VHS movies and DVDs when I need to escape into a good romantic getaway. My printer, scanner, copier sits on a small two drawer file cabinet next to my desk, and provides the perfect launching pad for my cats to reach the windows. Nothing deters them from using it, but I haven't found a better place to put it.

Currently on my desk is: a homedics radio which never gets used, the cable modem (an outer space looking piece of equipment with enough flashing green lights to resemble a landing strip at an airport, a picture of hubby and I fifteen years ago, a baby Furby, speakers, a ceramic cat business card holder, a palm pilot (rarely used), a plastic air-tight jar of almonds, a wire rack holding two online class folders and my "needs to be completed" tax info for 2006, two mugs filled with pens, pencils, and highlighters, a wild rose press ceramic tile and mug, my cordless telephone, a crystal paperweight with ATM receipts below, a small calculator, Romance Writers Report (latest), a piece of mail from United Health Care, a tablet, a calendar, my remote control, an unopened bottle of wine brought home from work two days ago, my cordless keyboard, my trackball mouse, and my flat screen monitor.

Okay, I tried to keep my desk clear. I really did. It was beautiful. And when I sat down, I was not at all creative. I just wanted to bask in the beauty. Now, with everything I need close at my fingertips, well...I did manage to create this blog entry!

Sigh, the writer's office. Is the dream a myth?


Marty said...

Sounds lovely to me :) I had to move my desk away from the window. Spent too much time watching the teenage angst unfold at the swimming pool, lol

Carol Ann Erhardt said...

LOL! I don't blame you a bit. Maybe not seeing out my window isn't such a bad thing after all.