Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday - A Day in My Life

I dislike Mondays! It's the first day back to work after a two day weekend. The weather today--cloudy, cold, and depressing.

You think a writer's life might be exciting? Here's my day in review.

5am - alarm rings. Wake up hubby. Cover head and go back to sleep.
5:30am - hubby kisses me goodbye. I get out of bed.
6:00am - dripping from shower.
6:20am - huffing and puffing on the elliptical machine.
6:45am - eat a bowl of mini shredded wheat - no sweener added.
7:00am - blow dry hair upside down.
7:15am - dress with hair looking like a lion with static electricity.
7:30am - slap on makeup
8:00am - clock in at work.
10:00am - take break and watch coworkers eat mandarin orange cake while I drool because I gave up sweets for lent.
12:30pm - clock out for lunch. Take car through car wash to remove salt from the latest snow and muddy footprints from the 14 feral cats.
1:30pm clock in to work.
3:00pm - watch co-workers read paper on break.
5:00pm - clock out and head for home! Woo hoo!
5:30pm - tell hubby about two hour author chat I must attend while he heats up chili for our dinner.
6:00pm - post first email to reader loop and listen to hubby snoring.
8:00pm - hubby rises from bed and asks if I'm ready to eat.
8:01pm - answer telephone and talk to my mother.
8:15pm - eat chili and wathc the rest of Deal or No Deal
9:00pm - watch The Nanny while monitoring the email group and responding.
10:00pm - rub stinky muscle rub on hubby's back and kiss him goodnight.
10:15pm - delete deluge of emails from all my loops
10:30pm - get code for stat tracker and install on website and blog
10:45pm - write stupid nonsensical blog about my nonproductive day.

Total writing completed - the heading "Chapter Three" of Beautiful Deception

Good night!!

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