Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Passionate Pampering

Marketing, marketing, marketing. Selling books is all about marketing oneself.

So...question for all my readers. If you heard about the following would you be intrigued/interested enough to attend the function? (I've left the date and location off purposely)

Join Carol Ann Erhardt, Romance Novelist
Traci Jordan & Julie Strickland,
Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultants
For a free day of indulgence just for you!!
Surround yourself in our relaxing ambience
and get away from daily pressures and stress.
Enter your name in a drawing to win the grand prize of:
a free fresh bouquet,
a free autographed romance novel,
and a free Mary Kay basic starter kit!

Experience a foot spa experience

Enjoy a warm romance reading

Pamper your skin with a free facial

Chat with local author, Carol Ann Erhardt

All for free!!

Door Prizes!!!

Autographed bookmarks

Jeweled bookmarks

Food and Drinks

Fun and Laughter

1 comment:

Scarlett Sanderson said...

That sounds like a gorgeous day, Carol Ann. I would take part :)