Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Author Interview with Carol Ann Erhardt

Well, hello blog studio audience! My name is Wilbur. I'm very happy to be here with you today, even though it's late. I had to have my daily allotment of cat naps and I also had to wait until I could kick Carol Ann off her keyboard. Meow!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the usual "hostess" of the blog studio...Carol Ann Erhardt! Put your paws together now and make some noise.

**Carol Ann walks out with a huge smile on her face and takes the chair reserved for guests.**

WILBUR: Will you please stop petting me? You're embarrassing me in front of the audience. Remember, today I'm the one in charge. **purr, purr**

CAROL ANN: **Leans back and removes her hand from under Wilbur's neck.** Wilbur, I'm so glad to be here today. It feels very strange sitting in this chair.

WILBUR: Meow! I can't say too much for this one either. It's not soft enough. Now for the first question...what in the world was that horrid food you put in my dish this morning?

CAROL ANN: That was Purina and you know you love it. Isn't this supposed to be an interview so I can promote my books?

WILBUR: If you insist. So tell the audience about your upcoming release, The Faded Photograph.

CAROL ANN: Gladly. The Faded Photograph is about life, growing older, and those lingering memories of first love.

WILBUR: Oh, it's an old foggie's book.

CAROL ANN: Not at all! Romance isn't just for the very young. Mature individuals also long for romance. This is the story of James Carter, a widower, who just learned he is going to become a grandfather at the young age of forty nine. His daughter thinks of him as aging and feeble, but he knows his life isn't over...even though he's been living the last few years that way. He pulls out a faded photograph hidden in his wallet for years. It's the smiling face of his first love, and he wonders if she remembers him. You'll have to read the book to learn what happens, but it's a very fulfilling romance.

WILBUR: Romance. Ick. I'd rather chase a mouse. Speaking of which, you haven't brought home any new furry toys to play with lately. And you know that all my little furry mice are under the sofa. I can't move it to get them out, you know.

CAROL ANN: Yes, of course I know. But this is supposed to be about my writing. Not your toys.

WILBUR: Well, it is. If you weren't so busy writing all the time, maybe you'd have time for me once in a while.

CAROL ANN: Oh, poor baby. **Carol Ann picks up Wilbur and nuzzles him**

WILBUR: **purr, purr**

CAROL ANN: You like that, huh?

WILBUR: **pur, purr*

CAROL ANN: Okay, what other questions do you have for me?

WILBUR: Don't be silly. You know cats can't talk.

CAROL ANN: Audience, I'm so sorry that this interview didn't go as planned. My newest story, THE FADED PHOTOGRAPH will be available on March 30 at The Wild Rose Press. I hope you'll check it out.

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