Saturday, March 10, 2007

Author Interview with Tarah Scott

Good morning, Blog Studio Audience. Can you believe our luck in getting an interview with author Tarah Scott on a Saturday? I’m so delighted that she agreed to join us and share information about the exciting new series, The Legend of the Celtic Brooch, which is being released by The Wild Rose Press! Now if you put your hands together to give her a nice round of applause, I’m sure we can entice her onto the stage.

**applause, applause**

**Carol Ann and Tarah hug.**

CAROL ANN: Tarah, I’m so very pleased to have you join me here today. The audience has been eagerly awaiting this opportunity.

TARAH: Thank you, everyone for the warm welcome. It’s my pleasure to be here with you.

**Both ladies sit in the chairs on stage**

CAROL ANN: I’m so excited about this new series. For those who don’t know, both Tarah and I are published authors with The Wild Rose Press. There has been some publicity for the series, but many of us know very little. Will you please tell us more?

TARAH: I’d love to. The Legacy of the Celtic Brooch series is a collection of thirteen novellas written by one author from each of The Wild Rose Press’ different lines. The one constant is an ancient Celtic brooch that we first pick up in medieval Scotland and which comes full circle in the Faery Rose paranormal line.

CAROL ANN: Sounds very intriguing, and how appropriate to end the series with the Faery Rose line! I can’t wait to read the series. Tarah, your book is the first in the series and is available now. Will you share a bit about it and what inspired you to write the story?

TARAH: When The Wild Rose Press asked me to write Book One in the Legacy of the Brooch series, I took a cue from Lord of the Rings where a small gold ring bound together a group of very different characters and inspired them to attempt the impossible. In The Pendulum, the appearance of a mysterious Celtic brooch forces Lady Airin Keith down a path where denial is not an option. She is bound to a man who challenges her fears and insecurities, and they are brought full circle by her past. In the end, the brooch takes on a meaning far more personal than she could have imagined.

**Tarah holds up the book for all to see**

CAROL ANN: Oh, how cool! I’m in awe of anyone who can write historicals. And I know from reading other publications by you, that it’s got to be wonderful. **Carol Ann crosses her legs and leans forward** Please tell the audience a bit about the publisher of the series, The Wild Rose Press.

TARAH: The Wild Rose Press is both a print and e-publisher. They publish everything from sweet romance to hot erotica, in all lengths.

CAROL ANN: And they are a very fast growing publisher! When I received my first contract in May of 2006, I believe there were only around 30 authors and only two books in the store! Now there are well over 130 authors and books galore in all the lines. Tell me again how many other books will be in the series?

TARAH: There will be 12 other books in the series. The next release is Freedom’s Touch by Sarita Leone from the American Rose line. Check out the blog to learn more about the brooch finding its way into the Civil War.

CAROL ANN: That’s right! You have a blog just for this series. Who is participating and what can we expect to see there?

TARAH: The authors of the Legacy of the Brooch series are participating—along with many readers, we hope! You can expect to see anything that relates to the series. Blurbs, excerpts, covers, book trailers, events where the authors will be appearing. We hope for reader questions and comments. All this and more! Feel free to come by and get to know more about us and the Legacy of the Celtic Brooch series. Link

CAROL ANN: Thanks for sharing that! Everything The Wild Rose Press publishes is romance. Tell me, what is your definition of the word romance?

TARAH: **laughs** That is a good question. There is nothing like that first spark of attraction. Once we feel those butterflies in our stomachs, even the more hardened skeptic begins to crumble. That’s where the fun begins, but the dance is far from over. Romance is the journey of two people in love. Whether you are old or young, in the beginnings of a relationship or rekindling a long standing love, romance is looking at that other person and thanking God you didn’t miss meeting them.

CAROL ANN: Great answer. Now to put you on the spot—if you were commissioned to write a book about your life, what would it be titled?

TARAH: Now this is too funny. I think it would be Ripley’s Believe It Or Not True Life Stories. Either that or There Go the Clowns.

CAROL ANN: **laughs** I won’t even ask you to tell me why! Another off the wall question: if you could live in any time period, whether in the future or in the past, what would you choose and why?

TARAH: **purses her lips** Hmmm, tough question. Who wouldn’t love to visit the past? But I must admit I’d have trouble with being a second class citizen because of my gender. Of course, I’d likely make a big stink about it, and set the Women’s Rights Movement in motion years before its time! I would love to visit a hundred years into the future, on the contingency that, if things aren’t what they should be, my memory would be wiped clean. **hearty laugh** Chances are, my request would be denied, but it never hurts to ask.

CAROL ANN: **laugh** So true! Oh, drat, it looks like our time is running short. One more quick question before we go off the air…do you believe the pen is mightier than the sword? Why?

TARAH: Yes, I do believe the pen is mightier than the sword. One man, with one sword can kill a few men, an army can kill perhaps thousands, but one person with a single pen can bring down an empire. A few wield swords, but everyone reads.

CAROL ANN: Tarah, once again, thank you for stopping by. It’s been a pleasure interviewing you. I wish you much success with your novella, and with the entire series. Before you leave, please share your website link and the link where we can purchase THE PENDULUM.

TARAH: Thank you, Carol Ann. It’s been fun. My website link. And The Wild Rose Press link.

**applause, applause. Carol Ann and Tarah leave the stage and the curtain come down.**


Lisa said...

awesome interview. I look forward to reading all the stories in the series.


Sara Freeze said...

Wonderful interview! Thank you Tarah and Carol Ann! When I first heard about the Celtic Brooch series, it immediately caught my interest, and I look forward to seeing all the titles in the series.
Sara :)

Lee Morrison said...

Wonderful interview, Tarah and Caron Ann!