Tuesday, April 17, 2007

EFT for Writing

On Saturday, my local RWA chapter had the pleasure of participating in a "mini" workshop with author, Cindy Carver, also a Life Coach.

Cindy presented EFT for Writers. EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique. What a great workshop!

EFT is a way of clearing the path of creative blocks. It can be used on any emotions, or chaotic events in your life. The technique uses two fingers, accupoints, set-up statements, and reminder phrases to remove "blocks."

Being a Scorpio, I'm naturally drawn to the various ways energy affects our lives, whether in psychic abilities, uses of gemstones, like turquoise and crystal, or other "powers" beyond our visual field. So I'm more than willing to believe it will work. Belief in something can actually create an energy that can make changes.

When I was in grade school, I had "warts" on my hands. Not just one or two, but lots of nasty and large warts. No one wanted to hold my hand when we played games. No magic wart removers had been invented back then. One night my mother read in one of her magazines about a cure which consisted of having someone circle each wart thirty times, and if the person with the warts believed they would go away in thirty days, they would. So she patiently circled each wart, while counting aloud, and I closed my eyes and...believed. They didn't go away in thirty days, but they continually get smaller and smaller until disappearing several months later.

So, I believe EFT can work for me. I am focusing on using it to make changes in my life. I'm removing the blocks to procrastination in exercise, diet, and writing.

The way it works is you focus on a particular area you want to correct. For instance my set-up statement to remove procrastination on my writing is:

"Even though I procrastinate on all my projects I forgive myself and accept myself."

I tap the accupoints with the tips of my index and middle fingers while saying this phrase aloud. There is a lot more to the technique. You have to add positive affirmations as well.

The statements change depending on which emotions I'm feeling, or which aspects I wish to concentrate on. So if you see me someplace, and I'm tapping my head, around my eye, under my nose, my chin...don't worry. I haven't gone over the edge, I'm just tapping away my procrastination.

You can learn more at Cindy's website.

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