Tuesday, April 03, 2007

An Interesting Evening

Last night I posted about "the silver lining". Well, things kept getting worse.

First, while watching the OSU-Florida basketball playoff, our cable went out! We could get a snowy black and white picture on the small tv upstairs...but also my internet connection was gone and...our telephone. That's the problem with bundled products.

Went into the bedroom to set my alarm and the clock radio was flashing 7:34 am. Weird, none of the other electric clocks had a problem, plus my computer hadn't rebooted during the day either. So I set the clock for the correct time (but forgot to go ALL the way around so it thought the time was am). Need I tell you what happened next? You guessed it, my alarm didn't go off this morning. I awoke at 7am, which gave me one-half hour to shower and get my butt ready for work.

It was after 4pm before the cable connection was fixed. Nope, not a fiber cut. Someone had broken into the cable box, removed our cable and plugged in theirs (which wasn't even with our carrier!). The technician ordered a new locked cover, so hopefully, our connections won't go out again when it gets dark. Wish I had a big bad dog to let loose in the back yard.

Writing progress was nil today. Was very busy at work. Usually when I have nothing to do, I work on my manuscript. I carry it on one of those USB removable keyring drives. I just can't stand to sit with nothing to do. I have some major projects to accomplish over the next few weeks, so I'll only have my lunch hour to write on my AlphaSmart. I'm humming along with Joshua's Hope. Hoping to have it completed before Mother's Day. That'll be my present to me!

So what is happening in your life? Have you found any silver linings?


Emma_Sanders said...

That either takes a lot of guts or pure stupidity to steal your cable, but I guess they didn't want to miss the game, LOL.

Hope today goes better for you. It's a short week for me with a holiday, and I plan to hole myself up in my office and write all day before Easter. That's my silver lining!

Marty said...

It might be okay that your cable went out during the game, lol...glad everything is back to normal. My sliver lining is a four-day weekend. Never had "Easter Monday" off in Yankee territory!