Sunday, May 06, 2007


Writing for me is always a very solitary occupation. The time I manage to grab for writing is very minimal with having a full time job, a home, a church, and family. All these things fulfill me, and nurture me, so I strive to keep a balance that allows me to feel "balanced."

So, when I get stuck 1/3 of the way through a novel, I struggle with what to do. Should I toss the whole thing? Other ideas come to mind, but that would mean starting over, and then when I reach the same spot will I once again come to a grinding halt?

With this current project, I felt very inspired. It's something I want to write. I just reached a point and I didn't know where to go from here. I needed more plot. Something out of the ordinary that would drive the book, make the reader want to continue reading, create a page-turner.

There is always one person who manages to offer suggestions that excite me and open new daughter. Tonight we were speaking on the telephone when I told her I just didn't know whether I could write my story. I filled her in on what I was writing and where I stalled. Immediately she grasped a point that created a wonderful subplot! My head is filled with creative ideas now on how to move forward.

Sometimes life gets so busy that I tend to pull inward with my writing instead of reaching out for help. Bless you, my daughter, for your inspiration.

Do you have points where you turn to yourself looking for the answers? Do you doubt yourself and wonder if you should quit? If you should start over? I'd love to hear your stories and how you overcome the obstacles.


Marty said...

I have a handful, in an attempt to spread the misery,lol. I work with a lot of visually creative people, so if I throw out something around the lunch table, I usually walk away with more than I asked for. Glad you worked through the roadblock!

Lee Morrison said...

So glad your daughter helped you out, Carol Ann.

I have several places to turn for inspiration and help.

My entire family will help me, especially my husband, my children, and my mother.

I also belong to a wonderful small writing group. We've all been together for about three years now and we chat on a daily basis so we've come to know each other pretty well. I toss out a problem, and it never fails, I'll have multiple responses by the end of the day. Those guys are great!

Glad to hear you're moving forward.