Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Have You Ever Lost a Day of Your Life...

vaguely remembered events happening, but losing the clarity due to pain? That's what happened to me. Well, actually, I've lost a few days now due to an acute flare-up of bursitis in my left hip.

Woke up Sunday morning and couldn't bear the pain of walking more than one or two steps. Didn't have a clue what could be wrong. I popped four Ibuprofen and waited for the pain to ease, but it didn't. Over the next few hours it increased to the point of bringing me to tears. Tears of frustration and pain. Finally gave up and went to Urgent Care. Diagnosis-hip bursitis. No treatment. Pain shot, pain pills. At that point, good enough for me. I just wanted some relief from the pain so I could sleep. I had taken twelve Ibuprofen by that time.

Called off work on Monday. Pain didn't cease.

Called off work on Tuesday and hubby took me to see my regular doctor. X-rays. More pain. Diagnosis. Same. Doctor prescribed a treatment with steroid anti-inflammatory drugs plus the Naprosyn I already take. Took me off work for the week. (Another story with the new laws which means I won't get paid for several weeks).

Took my first dosage last night and two hits of pain pills during the night. This morning I was able to walk much better, but the pain pills are wearing off now. Don't want to take them because all they do is make me sleep.

Unfortunately, I've opted not to put together the author interviews scheduled for this week. I promise to squeeze them in during the next few weeks though. Just wanted everyone to know what was happening in my life so you wouldn't think I'd just disappeared.

Have any of you suffered with this condition? I hear it never goes away completely and there will continue to be flare-ups. Not looking forward to that.

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