Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Today I was prepared to end my novel...and I just couldn't do it. Reason? Easy to spot. I didn't have the right conflict between the main characters. What I'd thought would work, just wasn't heavy enough to carry through to an explosive climactic ending.

Whenever I find something of this nature, I just have to make quiet time to reflect on the characters and put myselves in their heads. Get that, I'm in their heads instead of them being in mine. Quite a twist. Usually they are sitting on my shoulder or turning my brain in erratic directions.

However, once I'm able to become them, it's easy to find the thing that drives the plot in the correct direction. I found what I needed and began to make some critical changes.

Tomorrow I should be back on track and my book will be finished the weekend. Perfect timing. I can print it out and take it with me when we go camping next week. Lots of quiet time to read and make notes for editing.

One thing Donald Maass always says is "Conflict on every page." That, in his words, is what makes a break-out novel. Some day I may achieve that goal!

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