Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Cat in the Cabinet

We have a unique cat named Templeton. I swear he must have been a human in a previous life. He has the power to process what we do and replicate it. You can just see his mind churning. He loves to torment us by banging the kitchen cabinet doors. He'll sit on the floor, pull the door handle on the lower cabinets and bang it shut over and over and over again, until we go after him. Then he talks back. And he always has the last word. He's obsessed with doors. He tries to open the sliding glass patio doors. He just hasn't figured out how to unlock them or I think he'd manage. He's very strong. On our deck we have a large cabinet I used in my office years ago for storage. It's all wood with two doors in front. It's about waist high. I keep flowers on the top now, though it used to hold a printer. The doors are very snug. I have to tug to open them. But...Templeton has learned how to open them with ease. He starts by pulling with his paws on the round knob. He'll use both paws and then he gets his teeth into the action. Finally, he gets it open, and promptly jumps inside and lays on the shelf.

He opens the closet doors, and now he's taught Wilbur, his brother how to open closet doors. When Charlotte, his sister, wants in the action, he'll open the kitchen cabinet for her so she can climb on the shelves.

So many times I come home from work to find all my doors standing open.

**sigh** I wonder when he'll figure out how to turn on the shower?

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