Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Day to be Forgotten

Chalk this day up as one I sure want to forget ever happened.

My dreaded day job was the most stressful I've had in years. You would have thought I'd been gone for a month instead of one day. Every five minutes or less I received an email, telephone call, or personal visit bearing another "fire". By the time lunch rolled around, I didn't even want to eat...just needed to get away and take a deep breath. The afternoon continued much the same way, so by the time I left tonight I felt like I'd been run over by a semi and then had it back up and get me again.

But no rest for me when I got home. Time to fix dinner and then do all the clean up. Finally made it into my home office to turn on the computer. Opened my calendar and realized I'd forgotten to send questions to Paula Stiles who was supposed to be interviewed in the blog studio this morning. **sigh** So, barring no catastrophes, you'll get to view her interview on Monday morning, July 9th. My apologies to all.

Now I have to finish the synopsis for Joshua's Hope. I HATE writing a synopsis. It's the absolute worst part of writing for me. For some authors it comes easy, but for me it's like a big mental block.

But my goal is to send off the promotion package to Love Inspired Supsense no later than Monday, so I have to gnash my teeth and crank it out tonight. That allows sleeping on it for a couple days and then revising.

For anyone who might not like revisiting their writing time and time and time again, you better give it up. A writer's life is one of constant revision.

Hope everyone in the U.S. had a safe and happy Fourth!!

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