Monday, July 16, 2007

A Tragic Ghost Story

Today's headline story in the newspaper was about a nineteen year old girl who is recovering from a bullet that went through her skull. She is slowly regaining use of her limbs through therapy sessions. For a long time she had to wear a helmet to protect her skull until the surgeons could go in and repair it. The girl suffers from short term memory loss. She doesn't remember what happened to her.

The shooting occurred as a result of some girls out for fun trying to scare themselves by trespassing on property that is unkempt and overgrown with weeds. The house sits next to a cemetery. Thinking the house haunted, they decided to investigate as a lark to scare themselves before they started their senior year in high school. One girl remained in the car and honked the horn to scare them. They all ran and hopped in the car. As they drove away they heard popping noises. They thought someone was throwing firecrackers, so they circled around again. A sad mistake, for the firecrackers were gunshots.

The man who lived in the house with his mother had purchased a rifle for protection. The police no longer patrolled the cemetery and teens were constantly harrassing the pair. Twice in the previous few weeks, teens had tried to break into the house. He scared them off by firing his gun into the air. Just as he did that night. But one of the bullets struck a girl in the head.

A ghost story turned tragic. The man has been sentenced to nineteen years in jail. Debates go on about who was in the wrong. How far can one go to protect their property?

If you'd like to read the series of articles, you will find them at

I tried to do the Snowflake method, but it seemed way too long a process for me. I did flesh out my characters and completed an outline for my newest story. I'm 44 pages into writing it now. Haven't come up with a title yet.

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