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Author Interview with Dr. Barbara Holstein

As the audience applauds, the curtain raises and Carol Ann walks on stage, bows, and smiles. "Hello, everyone! I'm so happy to be back with you today. This past week has been very hectic. I visited a dear friend in North Carolina, and just got back into town. Everything about my trip was wonderful. The scenery was spectacular, but I have to confess that I have a phobia about driving across bridges that have those metal frames above them. You know the ones I'm talking about? I freeze whenever I start driving over them. Had to cross two of them on the way, and darn if those same two weren't waiting for me on the way back!"


"Today we have another very special guest in the blog studio. This lady is making a virtual book tour and I'm looking forward to meeting her. How about you?"


"All right, then! Let's get her out here. Blog studio audience please make welcome Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein--Psychologist, Happiness Coach & Author!"


CAROL ANN: Welcome to the Blog Studio, Dr. Holstein.

BARBARA: Please call me Barbara, Carol Ann.

(Picture of Dr. Barbara Holstein and her book cover)


CAROL ANN: Barbara, Please tell me about your book. It looks so interesting and everything I've read makes me want to rush out and buy a copy.

BARBARA: The Truth, I'm Ten, I'm Smart and I Know Everything is a book I'm so proud of. It is a brand new way to help women and girls focus on what is right and heroic and wonderful about themselves. What if we could carry THE TRUTH from girlhood to adulthood? That priceless "truth" that we all recognize as kids? adulthood?What if we could pass the gift of our early wisdom and brilliance along to our children, giving them permission to hold on to their most precious jewels?I think I've found a way in THE TRUTH, I'm Ten, I'm Smart and I Know Everything. The Truth is a delightful, humorous secret diary, written by a girl who is 10-11 years of age. She is wise and yet so innocent. She makes us cry and laugh and remember ourselves. Behind this very easy read is the psychological message to the women reading THE TRUTH that they can and must recapture the fire and passion of their girlhoods not only for themselves to flourish and be happy, but for the next generation to also have the gifts of good emotional and spiritual health.

CAROL ANN: Where did you come up with the idea for this book?

BARBARA: As a positive psychologist I have always been determined to share and teach positive psychological concepts in a self help manner that truly works. I did that in all my previous books, starting with THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy and later with Recipes for Enchantment, The Secret Ingredient is YOU! The question was how continue to do that and not be dry or tedious. How could I pass on the wisdom I have the privilege of understanding and using in a way that women would enjoy the read and still use the inspiration from my book to integrate more fully all the positive parts of themselves and not shy away from their own powers to create a fabulous life for themselves? How also could I create a read that would help women and their daughters communicate more openly and honestly so that girl would be able to trust that as they grew up they would come into their own and not have to 'sell out.'
The answer to my question was to let the 'girl' come alive. The 'girl' is the ten, soon to be 11 year old who began to emerge as I started to draft this book. The more she came alive, the easier it was for my message to come through. I soon saw that I needed to let go of her and allow her to more away from me- become her own character who knew exactly the book she wanted to write. And she wrote it!

CAROL ANN: I can relate to that. It's true that our characters really do write their stories. Tell me, who is the target audience for your book?

BARBARA: My primary target audience with this edition of THE TRUTH is women. My secondary market with this edition is girls, ages 10-14. However, there will be a special girl's edition of THE TRUTH with a different introduction and questions out later this fall.

CAROL ANN: What do you hope your readers gain from reading this book?

BARBARA: I hope women will get back in touch with their earlier passions and wisdom. I hope they will laugh aloud and remember themselves in a new, favorable light as they join energies with the girl. I also hope they will feel an appreciation of their daughters that will result in more open sharing and loving between mom and daughter. I hope girls will rejoice in finding a soulmate and feel more courageous to approach their mother's for open conversation and also have more courage to hold on to what is most precious about themselves.

CAROL ANN: As a writer, not a psychologist, what does the word romance mean to you?

BARBARA: Romance means enchantment with life and with oneself. It means finding mystery, newness, adventure and contentment in what happens next to ourselves or to another. It means having lots of available energy and passion! We can romance life, or a meal, a wonderful sleep or a lover! The possibilities are endless.

CAROL ANN: You probably thought you'd appear on this show and just talk about your book, but we do things differently here. I like to show the audience more about the guests I interview. You know, kind of let them know that we are just people, too. So, my first "off the wall" question is this. Your life is about to become a movie. What will the title be?

BARBARA: Wow-let's see. I would say, Romancing The Truth.

CAROL ANN: What is a normal day for you?

BARBARA: I see clients and/or write, take care of all the usual family chores, take care of myself, spend time with my husband and/or family and grandkids. I like to have some time to myself but I also crave to be with people I care about. When I travel I love to shop and see what people like to eat and wear, read, etc. in a new place.

CAROL ANN: When you are down, who can make you laugh?

BARBARA: Some of my friends, my husband, my grandkids and good news.

CAROL ANN: Do you collect anything?

BARBARA: We used to collect antiques but we have too many! I collect my writings and my impressions about life. I collect information that I think will be useful. I collect ways to stay healthy, herbs to fight off food poisoning, etc.

CAROL ANN: Those sound like great collections. You don't have to dust them off! **both laugh** Oh, Barbara, the time has flown by. See that guy over there? He's been giving me the hand slicing gesture across the neck. Guess that means, we need to wrap up the interview. One last question. Do you believe the pen is mightier than the sword?

BARBARA: Of course-words are our treasure-they set us apart from other living creatures and give us a way to create new world and to solve problems.

CAROL ANN: Thanks so much for stopping by on your tour. I've really enjoyed having you. before you leave, will you please tell the audience where can we purchase your book?

BARBARA: On my website, and of course on I am selling THE TRUTH, I'm Ten, I'm Smart and I Know Everything! on sale now at my site.

CAROL ANN: Thanks again.



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