Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Have You Read....

Obsession, by Karen Robards?

I picked this one up Sunday and began reading. It's hard to put the book down! What a page turner! I love Karen Robards work, but I haven't read anything recently, so when I saw this available through my book club I snatched it up.

The story begins with Katherine Lawrence and her college friend being bound and gagged in Katherine's apartment by two masked gunmen. They search her house trying to find something, but she doesn't know what they're after. All they do is ask her where it is, and with each answer of "I Don't Know", she's threatened, beaten, and tortured. The evening ends with the murder of her college friend. From there the story races, while Kathryn is trying to find out why she's a target, and even if she actually is Katherine.

Trust me, if you like fast paced thrillers, you'll love this book.


Today I finished writing nine new pages on my new untitled manuscript.

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