Friday, August 24, 2007

On the Far Side....

Have you ever seen any of the Far Side cartoons? I'm not a huge fan, but I have seen some totally ridiculously funny ones.

Today, one of my friends at work told me this incredibly hilarious story about her sister...a true story...that has had me giggling about all afternoon and evening. I swear I can picture this on a Far Side cartoon.

Okay, this lady's sister isn't able to work for a few weeks after having surgery on her foot. So, she's bored. REALLY bored.

She has one of those new above ground pools in her back yard, but she doesn't have a vacuum to clean the bottom or one of those long-handled screen things to scoop debris from the top. This very creative lady has a unique way of keeping the pool clean, nevertheless.

Picture this:

To clean the bottom she uses...are you ready for this????

A turkey baster!!! Now can you picture this? I wonder how long it took her to get the bottom clean? LOL!!!

And to remove the debris from the top?

You probably know the answer...yep, she uses a strainer!!! Not only that, but the strainer handle is broken!!!

**snicker, snort**

Bet someone will see this on my blog and one day these will be on a Far Side calendar.

Thanks to my friend and her sister for the laugh!!

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Allie Hollister said...

Hi Carol Ann,
I came to your blog via KOD. Very entertaining. Loved your day in the life. Oh, I remember corporate life. I gave it up to become a restaurant owner. Now corporate life doesn't seem so bad. lol
Best of luck with your manuscript at Steeple Hill.

Jamie aka Allie Hollister