Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Reflections - 2007 Goals

It's time for a check against what I planned to do and how I'm faring. Not a pretty picture, but there is hope.

Goal 1: Write/finish 2 full length manuscripts
I have completed one and submitted it to Steeple Hill. The second is a little over half finished. Still on track.

Goal 2: Write 4 short stories.
Zilch so far. Maybe I'll have time to squeeze them in after finishing my current full.

Goal 3: Read the entire Bible.
On track with this one.

Goal 4: Exercise and get healthy.
Nada. I've started exercising and quit. I did manage to give up my sweet tooth, so that's a major accomplishment. But now I must get down to focusing internally on my body. I hereby make a pledge, in front of the entire cyber-world, that I will follow a regular exercise regime. And beginning today, I will go on the South Beach Diet and stick to it.

How about you? Have you done a check-up on your yearly goals lately?

Tune in tomorrow for another "live" Blog Studio interview with author, Saralee Etter.

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