Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

Close friends and family know I can get pretty "wacky" from time to time. All it takes is one little thing to get something really funny and far out going. For instance, at a recent family gathering, one of my daughters and I were talking about exercise and she mentioned something about a "butt-master". Um, she really meant to say "thigh master", so that got us going. I won't go into the gritty details, but it was pretty "wacky." But that's not what the title of my blog is about. People who work with me see me as a kind of reserved, classy woman. I'm fairly quiet, smile a lot, and with closer associates we find things to bond with and laught about. However, this has been a horrid week at work. What happened today?

I work for a wine distributor and I coordinate four huge holiday wine shows for our state. Last week I handed off the list of inventory to be pulled by the warehouse. It should have been completely picked by today, but the person in charge hasn't been given the help he needs. He was grumbling about having to do this before our physical inventory on Friday, and went to a director, who is totally clueless, and who shall remain annonymous, and told him he needed to cancel the orders and reissue them after inventory. This totally clueless director told him he didn't care. Argh!!! I found out when the manager who keyed the orders came to me. I immediately placed a call to the warehouse manager and left a rather heated message on voicemail. Then another Director came to me holding out his cell phone for me to hear a message from the warehouse driver manager stating they were going to cancel the holiday show orders for now. I freaked out!!! I actually said a few cuss words, mild ones, and picked up the phone and called him. To make a long story short, the director in my office kind of quietly left and the manager on the telephone apologized and said they would definitely pull all the inventory required for the shows by tomorrow afternoon.

I received a few "atta-girl" phone calls, and some surprised expressions that I was able to "rattle somebody's cage."

I'm pausing to take a deep breath now. Sometimes it pays to "stand up" to those in authority. Take it from me, the Administrative Assistant to the President of our company, that even those lower on the totem pole can make heads roll.

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