Friday, September 28, 2007

Where are Your Buns?

When my middle daughter was a teenager, we had stopped in McDonald's one evening and both ordered Big Mac's. I was going to blow my straw wrapper at her and she opened the "box" the burger was in and was moving it from side to side (like a shield) to avoid my aim. One particularly quick movement sent the top of her bun sailing to the floor...right in front of a guy who was sweeping the floor. I told her to "pick her buns up off the floor," and then we both burst into uncontrollable laughter. The little brat took off to the bathroom leaving me to sit at the table laughing and wiping tears while every "sane" person looked at me wondering when the man with the straight jacket would appear. Why am I remembering this?

I'm ashamed to say that I blew my diet tonight. Yep, I'm on the South Beach diet and I've been doing just great. In fact, I've been having to force myself to eat and I rarely eat the snacks in between the meals that are recommended. Anyway, today I picked up Rhonda Penders, co-owner of The Wild Rose Press at the airport. Skipped lunch. We made plans to eat dinner at 4pm. I had a salad. Then attended a two hour booksigning, which was great fun...but when I got home I was hungry. Hubby and I went to Frisch's and I ordered a turkey club wrap. I figured the thin red pepper wrap wouldn't be too bad, but I forgot to tell the waitress I wanted a "wrap". I received what I asked for a turkey club sandwich (on a sub bun). I was so hungry I decided to keep it and I actually ate half of the sub bun. Bad, bad, me. So, I've been thinking about buns. The too big buns that I carry around with me and one of the reasons I'm dieting, and the bun I ate that will surely adhere to my personal buns.

So, that's my story for the night. Now I'm off to bed.

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Cole said...

Kudos on the going off the diet. I love the South Beach Diet... have been doing it myself. For me, missing even if I'm not hungry means I'm more prone to 'breaking' later. :-) Taken me a while to 'get' this but its just how I seem to work. Good luck on yours!