Monday, December 17, 2007

more, More, MORE!!

I heard a radio commercial this morning and began thinking about what a greedy world we live in. Are we never satisfied with the blessings we do have? Do we always need bigger, better, faster, MORE?

I've long wondered what it felt like to be an early pioneer traveling across the land in a covered wagon, braving the elements, and building a homestead. Can you imagine cooking with a wood stove? Today we have electric stoves, gas stoves, no burner stoves, microwaves, convection ovens, toaster ovens...and MORE!

But the one thing that really hit me this morning was that ad about HD Radio. I think it's nice that we have radio. I enjoy listening to music from my favorite stations in my car and while I'm getting ready for work. But why do we need HD radio? Why do we need "crystal clear" broadcasting and MORE stations?

The same with television. We had television with the three major stations and public television. Now we get more stations than one could ever watch through cable and satellite dishes. But...wait...there's MORE! If you're like me your local cable station is no longer content with collecting money for the multitude of stations...nope. Now there's digital television. MORE stations, MORE money. And, HD TV. Soon everyone who wants to watch television will have to purchase a new HD capable TV. Why? So MORE companies can take MORE money from those people who want MORE!

What happened? Why are people struggling to pay their bills? Why are there more houses sitting vacant? Why are more people filing bankruptcy? Why are we so unhappy with what we have?

Our country has turned into a greedy country with greedy people. Perhaps it's time we stopped and got off the treadmill. What do we NEED?

Every day I pray for many things, but I don't pray for more radio stations or more television stations. I suppose I'm in a minority, but I'm getting off the treadmill and focusing on the things in life that really matter. And that isn't MORE, unless it's MORE focus on the blessings that God has granted us.

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Lee Morrison said...

Hi Carol Ann,

Great post. There's a country song by Bucky Covington that I thought of while reading your post. It's called "A different World." It talks about some of the same things you mentioned.

I had three tv stations while growing up too. I remember our first tv was black and white.

In fact, there's another country song I'm reminded of by Mark Wills. I think the title is "1970 Something."

I thank the good Lord for all the blessings in my life.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking the same things, Carol Ann. Bigger and more isn't always better, you know? This season, I'm going to let the people I love know I care and have fun with friends and family. You do the same and have a blessed new year!

C. Gwynn said...

Amen Carol! I too thought of the same song as Lee mentioned in her post.

I really believe the world was a lot happier when we had less TV channels & video games. There was more time spent together as a family. We played a lot of board games together. As kids went outside play and used our imagination.

I miss the old days. I enjoy the usefulness of today's technology but it can begin to become too much.