Monday, January 07, 2008

Whoops, I Feel Bad...

about what happened tonight. The long-awaited BCS game is on and my husband's OSU team is playing. Anticipation has been high all day for this event. After coming home, I sat at my computer and skimmed through emails. I sent a couple and on the third, I got an error. Decided to see if my server was down, and couldn't connect to the internet. Uh-oh. We have bundled service. Picked up the telephone. Nada.

Looked at the modem lights. Ugh. Tried disconnecting and reconnecting. Nada.

Woke up hubby and told him the problem. Now, the last time something like this happened was right at the middle of another big championship game. Our cable company said that we had an outage. But the next day we were still without service. They sent out a tech...only to find a neighbor had stolen our cable service!

So, we went out to check at the box. The cable company has never secured the cover, so anyone can mess with the cables. Sure enough one of the cables was disconnected. We couldn't tell which was ours, so I went inside, used my cell and called the cable company.

"There is an outage in your area." Hmmm. Supposedly a tech was working on the problem. Can you understand why I was a bit skeptical?

I started to make dinner and suddenly I heard the television come on. I yelled downstairs to hubby who said, "I went out and connected that loose cable and decided to try the television and now it works." Sure enough internet services and telephone were restored. So much for the supposed "outage."

Angry and determined to call another cable company tomorrow, I called customer service again. Got a different operator, who was much nicer than the first. I told her I wanted to lodge a complaint. Explained the problem and how we'd solved it. She was very understanding, and entered a special service order to have a technician come out tomorrow to investigate the vandalism. Feeling a bit better, but still not trusting her comment that "It must have been a coincidence that the service was restored at about the same time we reconnected the cable."

Hubby and I talked and he decided to go out and remove the cable to see what happened.

Um, everything still worked. Coincidence? Yep. And boy, do I feel bad. LOL! But at least we'll get a technician out tomorrow and hopefully he'll secure that box so no one can get inside it again.

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