Friday, March 28, 2008

Laptops and Cats

Last night I took my laptop down to the family room so I could work on my latest novel (during commercials), while keeping my hubby company and watching Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader. Much to my amusement, my furry friend, Wilbur, perched on the chair arm. You’ve heard that cats are curious, right?

Have you ever seen a cat interface with a computer screen?

Ever wondered what is going through the cat’s mind? I believe our interface last night went something like this:

“What is this thing on my human’s lap? Purr, purr. I’ll rub my chin against it…purr, purr. Oooo, that feels good. Purr, purr. Oh, look at that bright window. Tap, tap. Purr, purr. Yippee, a new toy. Tap, tap. Hey, stop. Tap, tap. I’ve got big paws, but I can’t seem to catch those moving thingies. Mewr, meow. Tap, tap. Why is my human getting annoyed with me? She’s the one who put the toy on her lap where I should be. That’s where I want to lay now. I’ll just rub against her hand and she’ll pay attention to me. Rub, rub, purr, purr. Rub, rub, purr, purr. Meow.”

Score one for the cat. I closed the laptop, allowed Wilbur to possess my lap, and we both enjoyed the television show.

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