Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Smile Brightens The Day

The change to daylight savings time always throws my body into a refusal to cooperate. I've gotten used to rising when the sun lights the morning sky, and now I have to get up before the sun. Some days it's a struggle. Especially on Saturday. Today I had to get up because I had so many things planned for the day, including a writing chapter meeting.

Heavy footed and heavy lidded, I made my way down the stairs and grabbed my coat to go out and feed our feral cat colony. I stepped outside and there waiting for me were several of our dependent semi-ferals. Once they were skinny and bedraggled. Now they have full soft fur coats and fat tummies. They've become dependent on us for food, shelter, and water. But they give back in return.

There is nothing like the "smile" on a cat's face when you give them pets of love and a nice breakfast.

That smile from one of my favorites is still warming my heart.

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