Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ack!!! Did I Forget Another Hallmark Day?

I've looked in my calendar and on the internet...I can't find it...but it must be one of those special Hallmark Days. My cat, Wilbur, knows about it and he's not accepting my ignorance. This is Saturday. I checked it out. I should be allowed to sleep until eight after a very trying week. He and I have an agreement about that. At least, I think he agreed.

But as the sun crept through my window, Wilbur meowed and nudged his way into my bed. When his first attempt at staring me awake didn't work, he tried the stomp and jump the body awake routine. Racked with pain, but still trying to sleep, I rolled over petted him and told him to lay down. He did--next to my head with a 30 HP motor roaring in my ear. I rolled to the other side. He stomped across my now bruised body and attempted to nose his way under the comforter. I believe he really knew he was only under the folded portion as he belly crawled across my body again and back into the lie and roar position. He remained there for a record five seconds before stomping across my head and allowing me to sniff his fluffy rear. There comes a time when I have to admit defeat. I rose and stumbled my way to the bathroom with Wilbur wrapped around my ankles. Having my undivided attention while I sat on the throne, he proceeded to indulge me with a full course of kitty love and affection.

So, I've concluded that I must have missed the Hallmark Day...National Love Your Human Day...or National Love your Kitty Day. I'm afraid to let Wilbur know I'm not sure which it is.

Have a wonderful weekend. I have posted a new photo trailer for Joshuas Hope on my website. The real models were my daughter, son-in-law, and my grandson. You can check it out at:

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