Friday, April 11, 2008

Watching Radio?

I finally broke down this past weekend and changed to digital cable. It was going to have to happen by February of 2009...which is another story I'll save for a gripe day. While listening to my favorite radio station this morning, I heard them advertise they could be seen live on television. I had forgotten about that and decided to come into my office and check it out. Yep, there they are. A bad picture, but you can see what happens "behind the voices."

I have to say it's weird! Distracting! But now I will be able to watch "Woody and the Wakeup Call" on WCOL while I'm exercising in the morning instead of paid tv programs or music videos.

Who ever thought we'd be watching radio? Have a wonderful weekend.

Thanks for stopping by. See you on Monday!


Bethanne said...

Oh yeah, we've got the bunny ears going on at my house... should be a nice change come 2009 [especially if I can't talk DH into cable before then!]. LOL

Carol Ann said...

Bunny ears! LOL! I do remember them well. In fact, we still use them when we go camping, although they don't pull in anything. Good luck in persuading your DH.