Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Remnants of Ike

I've never been tempted to live in line of a hurricane. My brother and his family live in La Porte and suffered the brunt of Ike's strength. Thankfully, they are all right and only suffered exterior wind damage. I can't imagine living through winds of that force. Last night Ike blew through the midwest and hit Columbus with winds up to 75 miles an hour. We are not used to that kind of wind force. The power lines to the streetlights are lying in the street, a tree blocks one end of our street from passage, and we only suffered a few shingles being damaged, some tree limbs down and my hubby's pretty gazing ball that sits by the pond blew off and broke. However, driving to work today was a real challenge. None of the streetlights are working. Ugh! It took me 45 minutes to drive six and a half miles. We have no phones at work, and since we are a distribution company, this has posed a huge challenge! We have no internet or intranet either, which impacts our email and with no phones, our entire warehouse has been stalled. The system for pulling orders is driven through the phone lines...yeah, big problem.

On the drive home I saw uprooted trees, trees that had fallen through roofs, smashed cars...

Our youngest daughter and family have been without electric since yesterday when a tree took out power lines in their neighborhood.

So...to live where the hurricane would hit full force? Uh, no thanks!

Hope you all fared better! Stay safe and thanks for stopping by.

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