Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spa Confessions

Saturday my daughter took me to a spa for a facial, manicure, and pedicure. Since it was my first time at a spa, I didn't know what to expect. I was a bit nervous and self-conscious. That all faded away as soon as I entered the room for the facial. If you've ever had one, this will be a boring blog, but I'm thinking there are tons of people who have never had this experience...like me.

Yes, I did undress down to my underwear and I wore this cute little terry robe which fit snugly with elastic above my breasts and hung to my knees. The bed I lay on was curved with my feet elevated slightly and my head a tad lower. The music reminded me of that I hear when I play Mah-Jong on my computer, slow, mysterious and relaxing. The room illumination equaled that of a small candle or a nighlight. How could I not relax? My technician...not sure if that was her title or not...first rubbed a lotion on my lower legs and feet. Then she encased my legs and feet in plastic bags. Yes, truly! Next came a warm, wonderful treat. Microwave warm booties that reached above my ankles. She proceeded then to wrap my lower body in the sheet like a mummy. Oh, and the bed was heated, too! Next she did the same thing to my arms and hands. Nice and toast warm and ready to stay there forever. **sigh** She explained everything before she did it. She asked me questions about my facial concerns. Let's see. She washed my face first. At some point she did a treatment like a microderm abrasion which I use at home. Extraction of any impurities, luscious creams, a facial mask to hydrate, a massage. I didn't realize there were so many pressure points in the face. I had a headache when I went in but it disappeared after that massage. I also received a foot and leg massage, hand and arm massage, shoulder and neck massage. It was divine. When my treatment was over, I didn't want to leave. But, alas, I had to get dressed and head off to wait for my pedicure and manicure. My daughter joined me in the pedicure room. Luxury again. My own remote control to control a heated massage chair! A glass of lemon water. A sea salt soak and scrub, followed by a cool shade of nail polish. My legs and feet felt like silk. Mmmmm. The problem came when our assigned technicians (again not sure of their titles) told us we couldn't put our socks and shoes back on for at least three hours! Okay, then. If you've never had a pedicure you probably haven't seen the paper thin disposable flip flops. And it wasn't exactly a warm day. But we didn't want to ruin our pedicures. After our manicures were complete (with another hand and arm massage) we sat under dryers for aobut twenty minutes before heading off to eat lunch...wearing our paper thin disposable flip-flops.

I felt like a queen, regardless of our footwear. Besides, our feet looked too good not have them on display. :)

It was a wonderful way to spend a day with my daughter. Thanks, hon!

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Delana said...

I'm so glad you liked it!

We'll have to make "spa day" a birthday tradition :o)