Friday, November 14, 2008

Rain, Snow, and Weather Blues...

Ohio is gearing up for a nasty winter. We've already seen snow...not an accumulation...but it's been here. More is predicted. Ugh. Our furnace has been running off and on since October, unusual for this time of year. Typically temps stay mild through mid November and drop just a bit through December, with January and February being our coldest months.

Winter months mean too many hours spent indoors. I leave for work in the near dark, have no windows to the outdoors, and return home in the near dark. Depressing. At least when the weather is mild I can get outside during breaks and walk. Being cooped indoors with the same people tends to make people grumpy and I work with a lot of normally grumpy workers.

Not looking forward to the next months. How about you?

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