Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Traffic Woes

Winter has come early to central Ohio. Yesterday we had snow squalls, huge snowflakes, icy snow pellets...and no accumulation. Last night we had a little snowfall, just a few patches remaining this morning, but icy patches on some roads and overpasses. Now I sound like the weather forecaster...but let me tell you, there are some really angry people driving this morning.

An SUV came roaring past me in my subdivision where the speed limit is 25mph. They had to stop in front of me and wait for the school bus to load. But I suppose that person relieved some anger by moving up one slot in the traffic line.

When the school bus stopped at the railroad tracks, I stopped at the intersection to let another vehicle turn from the left lane into a subdivision on my right. I feel so great! The person behind me blew the horn so loudly I can now hear despite my congested ear. I suppose they were angry at the school bus for stopping, and I'm sure they felt much better after releasing that hostility on the horn. After the vehicle made the turn, I inched up one car length to stop and wait for that school bus to clear the railroad tracks so traffic could once more move.

As the traffic moved toward the first major crossroads and traffic light, we merged into two lanes. The left becomes a turn left only lane...mine to go straight or turn. See, I learned something today. If you are angry and tired of waiting in line, you can move into that left lane and cut off the next person in the right hand lane going straight! Isn't that amazing.

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