Thursday, December 11, 2008

What To Do When You Can't Sleep...

Pull out a hand-held game of Phase 10 and play a classic game...and win. Listen to the song play while reading "you win!".

Read three chapters of a book which you started, but isn't too exciting to put down. Close the book and get out of bed.

Decide what to order for your upcoming Christmas party. Count up how much money it's going to set you back, but still it's worth it not to cook.

Eat cheese and crackers. Think about hot chocolate and decide it's too much trouble.

Read through the latest Lifeway Christian Stores flyer.

Make a list of the people who will be coming to your Christmas party and make sure you have enough gifts.

Look through your change and get excited because you have one of the last three quarters you need to complete your set.

Pick up the book you put down earlier and read another chapter.

Write a blog....

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