Friday, January 23, 2009

Spreading Joy in Traffic

For the past few days, I've been searching for my muse. This morning I'm sitting at my desk and wondering where she's gone to hide. As I look around my desk, I've decided she is in a corner pouting because...there's just no room for her. **sigh** Guess I'll have to clean up this mess over the weekend.

Yesterday, I did my good deed by stopping to allow three cars out of an apartment parking lot. Traffic in the morning on this two lane road is horrendous. They acknowledged me with a wave or a smile, which made it all worthwhile. I guess the guy behind me must have been filled with joy as well because he kept honking his horn. It is my goal to spread joy to all. I probably should have turned and acknowledged his happiness, but I decided to just sit a few extra seconds and let him be blessed by the moment.

Today the temperature is supposed to get warmer...48...a heat wave considering the sub zero temps we've been having. But that means even more glacial melt. Ugh!

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Currently reading: BLUEGRASS COUNTRY, by Allie Pleiter (Publisher Steeple Hill, Love Inspired Inspirational) Feb '09

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