Friday, March 20, 2009

There's a Monster Under My Bed

There are things hiding in the dark, creatures in my closet, a monster under my bed, a boogey man outside my door. The love of suspense begins at an early age. As a child I loved to hear ghost stories. I would shiver and shake and crawl into bed too frightened to close my eyes. Once I awoke screaming because a blue ghost was after me.

I'm still frightened of the dark. I don't like to go outside my house once the sun has set. And at night I still wake up and hear something creeping around in the dark--most times it's one of my cats or my hubby heading off to get a drink of water.

As a writer, all my stories, no matter how sweet and simple I planned them to be, always turn out to be suspenseful. So, I give up. I'm definintely always going to be writing about the monsters under my bed.

During the upcoming week, I'm going to be sharing my insight into how to write a page-turning suspense by relating it to falling in love and sharing that very first kiss. So, please join me from March 23 through March 27 to learn more.

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