Monday, March 30, 2009

Two Boys, A Dog, and More...

When my daughter told me that her son had been bitten by a stray dog, my first thought was fear. But she didn't sound upset and she assured me Kody was fine. Here's the story:

Kody and his younger brother, C.J., are participating in the jump rope to benefit the American Heart Association. So, yesterday they were asking for people to sponsor them in the event. A stray dog had begun following them. While talking to one man, they asked if they could pet his two beagle dogs. Like most boys, they love animals, especially dogs. Finally, they decided to check the stray dog for tags. Since this dog was running loose, Kody thought he should see who owned the dog so they could take him home. When he reached for the collar under the dog's neck, the dog snapped. Most boys would have run home...but not my grandsons. Kody and C.J. walked to the police station with the dog in tow! Yep, they took the dog to the police to report the bite and also to ask for a donation for the heart association.

The fire station is right across the street from the police station, so the paramedics cleaned the wound, which was small, although it did puncture the skin. The animal control showed up to collect the animal. They will hold the dog for ten days and told my daughter that she could take Kody in and there is a series of shots he could take as a precaution. Of course, the dog didn't run up and attack Kody, but only snapped when Kody reached near his neck, so no one really thought the dog was rabid.

I still have to smile when I picture these two boys marching to the police station bringing along a dog to report the incident. And even more so, to imagine my daughter getting a phone call from the police asking if she was the mother of Kody. After all, he's only 10. What trouble could he possibly have gotten into?

Well, you don't know my grandsons!

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Delana said...

Too funny!! And, the Kody stories continue.