Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Cat and the Bags

Yay, sunshine here in Ohio today! Tomorrow I'll share my latest life choice and I'll be sharing the experience here in my blog beginning May 7th.

On a funny note, my cat Templeton is always a source for a good laugh. The other day hubby came home from the hardware store with two plastic bags filled with various screws and things. He sat them on the workbench and Templeton just had to get nosy. While trying to get his head inside the bag, he managed to get the handles stuck around his head and legs. When he tried to get out, and couldn't, that cat went sailing through the air and ran fast enough to rival any olympic medalist. So, here's the cat, head stuck, bags rattling, hubby chasing and yelling...a perfect Funniest Video Moment. I'm at work, unfortunately. One of the bags fell off and hubby was able to retrieve the purchases. The other was found under the bed, where Templeton decided to spend the rest of the morning with an expression that said, "I meant to do that!"

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