Monday, April 27, 2009

My Husband is a Trash Picker

Saturday I decided to do spring housecleaning on our deck. We had collected so many flower pots which had nothing in them and were simply sitting on the shelves collecting dust and bugs, that I decided to do a clean sweep. As I worked my way around the deck, I tossed things into a bag and later dropped them into the trash. Hubby was elated that I had cleaned the deck, which is normally his job. We headed out to buy two additional swivel chairs to match the ones we purchased last year. Since neither of us could carry the heavy box, we opened it on the truck tailgate and carried the chairs to the deck one by one where we assembled the bases. I drug the big box next to the trash can. Later in the day I saw hubby cutting it into pieces to throw in the trash. I never thought any more about those items I'd tossed earlier.

However, later he mentioned that I had thrown away his little duck planter. I laughed. I explained that we had too much stuff and that all these things only collected dust and served no purpose. He didn't comment further, but later that evening guess what I found on his workbench?

Yep. The little duck planter.

I have no doubt it will reappear on the deck, all cleaned up and with a brand new plant inside in just a couple of days.

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