Thursday, May 14, 2009

Author Interview with Wendy Davy

The audience applauds as the band concludes their opening number. The burgundy stage curtains rise and Carol Ann walks on stage. She stands in front of two comfortable looking burgundy leather chairs with a table between them holding two glasses of water.

"Good morning, Blog Studio audience! I'm so happy to be back in the studio and I have a fabulous guest author to bring onstage in just a few moments. Her name is Wendy Davy. When I spoke with her earlier here's what she told me."

I've been hooked on reading romances ever since I picked one up over twenty years ago. That's also when my own imagination started to roll and it hasn't stopped since. But, it wasn't until I realized that it was God who put it in my heart to write, that I knew my dreams of becoming an author could turn into a reality.I am a member of the Romance Writers of America and continue to be an avid reader. When not writing, I spend my energy chasing around my beautiful young children, enjoying my own real-life hero, and watching movies with friends.

"She's going to be talking to us about her new inspirational book, NIGHT WAVES. Please put your hands together and help me make welcome to the studio...Wendy Davy!"


CAROL ANN: Hi, Wendy!

WENDY: Hello, Carol Ann. I'm so excited to be here in your studio.

CAROL ANN: We're delighted to have you join us. Have a seat.


CAROL ANN: Wendy, I love your book cover. Isn't it gorgeous, audience?


CAROL ANN: Tell us about your book.

WENDY: Night Waves is an inspirational story that began from one intense beach scene, and developed into a manuscript filled with emotion and suspense, and of course, faith.

Newspaper reporter, Cali Stevens, boldly walks into Sheriff Nick
Justice’s office, with one goal in mind: To find her best friend who
disappeared while vacationing. When the no-nonsense sheriff refuses
to give her details of the investigation, Cali takes matters into her
own hands and starts her own investigation. She never intends to fall
for the sheriff...or into the clutches of the Coral Isle’s first serial

Coral Isle’s recent abductions give Nick Justice enough to worry
about without adding any complications into the mix, and his
attraction to Cali Stevens is definitely a complication. When Nick
encourages Cali to leave the island, she refuses. Now he must
manage to find the missing women while keeping Cali and the rest of
the women on Coral Isle safe.

CAROL ANN: Wow, that sounds great! I love inspirational romantic suspense. It's my favorite genre. I interview a lot of authors. For myself, I find the hardest part of being a writer is finding the time when I can write without being interrupted. Having a full-time job and a large family drains me emotionally and it's hard to have enough energy to devote to writing at the end of a long day. What do you find is the hardest part of being a writer?

WENDY: I agree, it's finding the time to write.

CAROL ANN: Sometimes I'm not sure how to answer the questions when someone asks me how I come up with the ideas for a particular book. For you what comes first?

WENDY: A scene comes first. Then the characters that fit the scene. I write out a sketchy plot, but rarely follow it. Sometimes I don't know what's going to happen until I sit down to write. But, that's the fun part.

CAROL ANN: What stumbling blocks have you encountered and how have you overcome them?

WENDY: Like you, distractions are a major stumbling block. But, I overcome them by setting aside specific time to write, and guard it against interruptions.

CAROL ANN: Despite all we have on our plates, it's important to keep our sense of humor. I love to laugh. Who can you count on to bring a smile to your face?

WENDY: My kids.

CAROL ANN: Do you believe the pen is mightier than the sword?

WENDY: It depends on the situation. I believe there is a time and a place for everything. And that includes both words and action.

CAROL ANN: You are sitting in a restaurant with several friends when someone thrusts a microphone in your hand. You have one minute to give a message of hope to the world. What will you say?

WENDY: I'd probably freeze and say something ridiculous. But, given the time to think about it, I would say...Pray first. Ask questions later.

CAROL ANN: Great advice! Quick. What do you have under your bed?

WENDY: **laugh** Carpet!

CAROL ANN: **laugh** Wendy, who is the real hero in your life?

WENDY: Jesus.

CAROL ANN: Wendy, thank you for joining us today. It's been a real pleasure to have you in the studio. I wish you many sales on your book, my friend. Before you leave, where can the audience learn more about you and your books?

WENDY: Thanks, Carol Ann. It's been fun, even though I've been a little nervous. Your audience can go to my website at


Donna B said...

What a wonderful interview. Wendy, I love how your faith shines through. We share the same hero and hopefully more will learn of Him through your writing. The book sounds wonderful! I will definitely look for it!

Wendy Davy said...

Thanks for your support Donna! I really appreciate it!

Teresa L said...

Great interview! It makes me appreciate how someone with a busy life can stay focused to write entire books. I can't wait to read her next book.

Margaret said...

SUch a great set up for the interview - very clever. Night Waves sounds wonderful. Have to look it up.

Ashley Ludwig said...

Lovely interview, ladies! Wendy, when is your release day? Can I tell you -- nothing is more exciting than seeing that White Rose Publishing imprint on the spine of your book.

This is your third full novel, right? How long does it typically take you to put one together? I'm back to the grindstone -- creatively speaking -- for the first time in ages. AND loving it!

I'm ordering Drakes Retreat today - hadn't read that one. A matter of Trust is FUN.


Bess McBride said...

It's a beautiful cover, Wendy! A fun interview, Carol Ann..

Wendy Davy said...

Thanks for your comments Teresa, Margaret, Ashley and Bess.

Ashley, I'm glad you liked A Matter of Trust, and thanks for ordering Drake's Retreat. I hope you enjoy it.

Night Waves is due out on July 24th. It usually takes about 4 to 5 months for me to write a full-length novel, with another few weeks to edit.


Margaret Tanner said...

Lovely interview Wendy and Carol Ann. Best of luck with the book Wendy, the cover is gorgeous and it sounds like an exciting story with the faith elements certainly enhancing it.
Best wishes

Ashley Ludwig said...


I'm back at work now on my next project... Here's to hoping I can get back over 80,000 words sometime in the near future!

Congratulations on your expanding catalog!


Rebecca J. Clark said...

Fun interview! Wendy, congrats on your success and managing it with young kids underfoot.


Laurean Brooks said...

So sorry, Wendy. I didn't get the email about this interview until today. Don't you love Carol Ann's interviews? I tried to emulate her (don'sue me, Carol Ann) in that interview with Sharon Donovan last week.
(Carol Ann, if you're worried, you can check it out at LOL

First, can I use your picture as mine? You are sooo cute. I think that would sell a lot of books in itself. I've already told you how much I love the cover of Night Waves, and the blurb. Can't wait for my copy.

Keep me posted. I want an autographed one. Hugs!

Tanya Hanson said...

Great cover and wonderful interview. Thanks, Wendy and Carol Ann.


Tanya Hanson
"Brides, bustles, and buckaroos..."