Wednesday, May 13, 2009


That's all I can say after the fall last night.

The story:
The inside of the windows is finished. Yay! Before the workers left, I asked them to move my huge heavy desk back under the windows in my office. I'm so sorry that I designed this room to have the desk under the windows. I love being able to look outside, BUT...the desk is so large and I'm so short, especially my arms, that I can't reach the windows! So,in order to put the curtains back up, I had to climb on my desk. Which I did. First I stepped on my footstool--a little backstory on the footstool. I purchased it at a craft fair in Michigan about fifteen years ago. It has two solid wooden legs for the sides with cats painted on them, and a plaid cushioned "seat" area. This stool has served as a chair for children, adults, a resting spot for my weary feet, and lately as a stepping stool. Back to the story. So, I stepped up on the footstool, onto my swivel desk chair and onto the desk! Perfect. Fixed the curtains and then proceeded to step down. All went well from desk to one foot on the desk chair. Reached the other foot backwards to step on the footstool, putting most of my weight there, and heard a horrible cracking noise. The footstool collapsed, taking my body along with it. All I felt was a bump and scrape on my back and then...pain, horrid pain in my right big toe. I squirmed around but couldn't get up. The pain kept intensifying. Hubby upstairs couldn't hear me call him for help. I finally managed to look at my toe only to see blood. Lots of blood. Ugh. Hubby finally came downstairs and I got him to bring me a cold rag. Fifteen minutes later, I was able to see the damage. A huge chunk of my toe was gouged out. Managed to get it bandaged, which presents another dilemma.

I have to go to work and I can't get my foot into a shoe. It's supposed to storm today. Guess, I'll try using a flip-flop and hope that I don't get sent home for improper dress code.

As far as the cats, Wilbur entertained the workers yesterday catching flies that dared to enter the open window cavities. Templeton wasn't as freaked out. He would hide when they used the air gun, but otherwise he wandered around a bit. Charlotte hid under Mom's bed. I petted her last night, but I haven't seen her come out yet.

Will my life ever be normal again?

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