Friday, May 08, 2009

Writer's Block, Hypnotherapy, and Me Time

I don't believe in writer's block, but I do believe that real life can sometimes take so much mental energy that you have to allow yourself to step back and recoup. With all the things happening surrounding moving my mother from Illinois into our home in Ohio, my mental energy is truly tapped out. Couple that with having new windows installed on Monday, along with a new furnace and central air at the same time, company coming from Michigan on Friday, that's a lot. Sometime between Tuesday and Thursday, I have to clean the clutter, put all the furniture back and buy groceries.
The following week my grandson gets married on Saturday, then Sunday morning we are off to Illinois.

I'm giving myself permission to step back from writing until June. My best advice to you other writers is to know when you need to step away from the computer and tend to the issues that are most important. I know you've heard "write something every day." You can still do that. Just don't push yourself to come up with the next scene or chapter of your book. If you have a blog, post something there.

If, like me, you also have a full-time job, sometimes there just isn't enough energy left at the end of the day when you have other pressing issues. Remember, relationships are very important. In the long run, the relationships you build with people will bless you. Don't ever beat yourself up because you feel like a failure for not pushing yourself beyond your limits.

Last night I began the journey into hypnotherapy for weight loss. I'm happy that I did this FOR ME. I love the knowledge that it is the total package of mind, body, and spirit. No, she didn't hold a shiny watch in front of my eyes and tell me I was getting sleepy. It doesn't work that way. But the power of positive thinking can do wonders in anything you attempt. Yes, even in completing your latest manuscript.

Just received Patty Lacy's new book, "What the Bayou Saw" by Kregel Publications. I can't wait to read it. The cover is beautifully haunting. Patty has a way with characters. They reach out of the page and grab you by the heart.

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