Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Creature in the Bush...

Oh, my! Yesterday while walking with my friend behind our work building, we spied a strange creature. At first I thought it was a small groundhog. She thought it might be a rabbit. The fur color was like a rabbit's. I didn't notice a tail, but it moved rather quickly under cover of a small patch of weeds in the corner of a fenced lot. I moved closer to get a better look.

Whoa! It didn't have a face like a rabbit. The snout was longer and more narrow. Small rounded ears. Beady black eyes. It stared at me. I stared at it.

**shudder** I believe it was a rat, a huge rat with a rather beautiful coat of fur.

However, I didn't notice any teeth showing as in most rats.

Of course, being a writer, I concocted a vision of some elusive organization operating in the vacant end of the huge warehouse--creating a new kind of intelligent mutant creature who could take over the world. Maybe I should be writing science ficiton instead of romantic suspense.

For non-writers, this is the way writers come up with ideas. We'll muse on events like this and tweak them until a scene develops, and magically a story begins to develop. Who knows? Maybe this will become a scene in my current manuscript.

Have a great day!

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